News : The Spanish Oumaiz, new teammate of Kipchoge

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The Spanish Oumaiz, new teammate of Kipchoge

Oumaiz, in a cros / EFE file image

He has the honor of being the first Spaniard to run with the very powerful team 'Nationale Nederlanden Team', where stars such as the best fondista of the decade Eliud Kipchoge, the half-marathon world record Geoffrey Kamworor, a reference as Kenenisa, already compete Bekele (two seconds from the marathon world record in Berlin '19), the 10k and half marathon European record Julien Wanders, or the brand new winner of the Sancana Vallecana, the Belgian Bashir Abdi. It is Ouassim Oumaiz, one of the great hopes of the Spanish fund. As reported by the Diario Sur, the Andalusian will continue to compete in the national tests for the Nerja Club, but in the international ones it will do so under the auspices of the NN Running Team, a team that emerged in 2017 under the economic protection of this Dutch company.

A very powerful team with foundations

The team was born thanks to the initiative of former Netherlands Olympic athlete Jos Hermens, founder of the renowned Olympic athletes agency Global Sports Communication Fruit of the union of this entity with the Dutch insurer NN Group (main economic engine of the team), this sports project emerged. Beyond giving financial support to his athletes, he also collaborates in the organization of marathons such as Hamburg, Amsterdam or Bombay (also the recent San Silvestre Vallecana). Nerja Ouassim Oumaiz will benefit from financial aid, advice, medical attention and a series of additional support services for the total development of the athlete (such as nutritionist or physiotherapist). Oumaiz will also wear Nike this next 2019 under the agreement of the multinational with the NN Running Team.

“They contacted me and I from the beginning I wanted to say yes, but I didn't want to leave Nerja either. I talked to both parties and in the end there were no problems to reconcile it. I will compete with Nerja in Spain and with them outside, ”he commented for Diario Sur. "I will be the first Spanish to be with them. They noticed me at the World Cup and although after I went through all of the injury, they were still there and that motivated me, ”he adds.

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