News : The sports de-escalation plan that will take us to the 'new normal'

News :

The sports de-escalation plan that will take us to the 'new normal'

sports de-escalation

Start the de-escalated! (something like a time trial but on a downhill slope, without brakes and with dangerous curves) a plan in which at the moment it will not be easy to decipher all its ins and outs.

After announcing that starting Saturday, May 2, you could go out running individually (respecting protocols and safety advice), de-escalation plans were announced yesterday that include the sporting aspects that affect runners (professionals). and popular), sports facilities and running clubs.

As a summary, the deconfinition plan is divided into 4 phases by provinces, which will be extended -if everything follows the planned plan depending on the evolution of pandemic control- until the end of June.

Sports centers may open on May 11 without access to changing rooms, without directed classes and with strict capacity limitation measures (still somewhat confusing).

Phases of the sports de-escalation plan

Each phase lasts for two weeks (Covid-19 incubation period). In the most optimistic scenario, the plan would last a month and a half. The dates and the passage to the next phase will depend on the evolution of pandemic control in each province.:

  1. Phase 0 / As of May 4: Non-contact sports activity. Cycling, running, skating, surfing, etc. Always individually and with adequate protection (distance, mask when possible, etc.). Individual training for professional and federated athletes.
  2. Phase 1 / From May 11: Opening of outdoor sports facilities (only to practice sports in which there is no contact: athletics, tennis). Individual sports activities by appointment in sports centers that do not involve physical contact or the use of changing rooms. Opening of high performance centers with reinforced hygiene and protection measures and, if possible, shifts.
  3. Phase 2 / From May 25: Resumption of outdoor sports activities in terms similar to the cultural and leisure activities of this phase (i.e. with reduced capacity)
  4. Phase 3 / From June 8: Resumption of outdoor sports activities with less limited capacity. Sports activities in closed spaces (only to practice sports in which there is no contact or the risk of contagion is moderate). Public limited to 1 person per 20m2.

Once these 4 phases have been successfully overcome, you will enter what has been called << La nueva normalidad >> from which we will surely not get rid of the mask and severe security and control measures.

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De-escalation of the running groups

While still being very cautious and in danger of being totally wrong, it could be interpreted that from phase 2 onwards, there would be possibilities of starting to resume the activity of the endless number of running training groups that populate our territory, always respecting safety protocols. and with a strict “capacity / attendance” control.

Running times

A topic that is still being studied by the Pedro Sánchez executive - due to the fact that different communities have contrary opinions - would be the staggered departure by time bands of the population during this de-escalation, which would include specific time bands for carry out individual sports activities. From Catalonia, the Government of the Generalitat has proposed two time bands for physical activity in morning and afternoon shifts:

  • From 6 a.m. to 8 a.m.
  • From 7pm to 9pm at night

Official documents of the de-escalation plan:

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