News : The story of the 'Kenyan' Sondre Moen

News :

The story of the 'Kenyan' Sondre Moen

Sondre Moen, after setting the record in Oslo

Totti Corbalán told us a few weeks ago in the Corridor Stock Exchange that he had been one of the few foreigners not to return to his country of origin once the coronavirus crisis broke out and the training camps began to close. Kipchoge, Kamworor, Kipruto and company had to either return to their farms and residences or to stay but without being able to use the facilities, only going out to film on their own or at most with one or two companions before the strict restrictions imposed in Kenya . Practically all foreigners returned to their country except a few, who decided to stay well because they preferred to maintain their routine at height or perhaps because they imagined that this would be shorter than it is finally being.

Moen, the Nordic Kenyan

One of those who is more than integrated in the African country under the command of a myth like Renato Canova is the Norwegian Sondre Moen, who broke the Marathon Europe Record in Fukuoka in 2017. Totti Corbalán told us that "Sondre Moen is one of the few athletes from abroad who has decided to stay in Kenya; There is also the Ukrainian Lyakhova and a few others, a few; Wanders, but he is already residing here, he is installed in Kenya ”.

Impossible Games, a success

Well, Moen managed to get the African country to Oslo to play the ‘Impossible Games’, where there was Warholm's world record of 300 hurdles and Jakob Ingebrigtsen's Europe record of 2000. And he did not do it in vain, since he beat the REuropean record of 25,000 meters, 62 and a half laps on the track. Almost nothing. The Nordic completed the feat in 1: 12: 46: 51, breaking Stephane Franke's previous mark of 1999 (1: 13: 57: 6). Sondre rolled at 2: 55 ’/ km and said after the milestone that“ I do not regret having been in Kenya and I think it has worked well. In fact, next year I will return because I feel that the altitude helps me and allows the training sessions to be more effective than at sea level, ”as stated by‘ SOYCORREDOR ’on its website.

Moen long ago decided to spend seasons in Kenya, as he recognized Marca: “Going to Kenya now is very special to me because more people know me. The first time I went there dates back to 2009, with my previous coach, and I remember that They looked at me with a little suspicion because I was white and not as strong as themBut when I was getting closer to their level they started to notice me and they already know me ”.

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