News : The summer of Diego García Carrera: from fighting for an Olympic medal to studying the IBEX 35

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The summer of Diego García Carrera: from fighting for an Olympic medal to studying the IBEX 35

Graduated from ADE, Diego García Carrera could be fighting to be the Olympic champion in Tokyo and, nevertheless, he is on vacation in Almería filling the time. Her story also invites us to remember that everything is so relative ...

You have to put yourself in everyone's shoes. It's what I like about this job of asking. Everyone has their story and all stories matter. Diego García Carrera is a 24-year-old citizen. A young man from Madrid raised in the Ciudad Lineal neighborhood who two years ago was a 20-km European silver medalist who could have aspired to be an Olympic champion in Tokyo this summer. However, he is on vacation in Almería, and he does not have bad blood. There is no other. There is no point in regretting what could have been and was not. But it is not easy to live in a time with as many limitations as this one. Time runs at the same rhythm as always and, as he says, "it will be three years since my last medal and, if I fail in Tokyo next summer, I will never again be that Diego so young that he has his whole life for ahead… ”But before that no one has the answer but time, that unbearable judge who always asks us for patience. At his side we understand that you can lose your garage keys but not your life. "My father always tells me that I must be more orderly," he reasons.

We live in a very vulnerable time.

Is not easy. We can fall at any time and there are so many differences between people, you see it only when you go to greet someone. Some people look at you in such a way that it seems that, just by trying to greet them, you are a fool. This has never happened to me.

How old are you?

24 years.

He has a lot to live for.

Well, I have been living for many years and you never know until when you are going to live. I do not live thinking that this may be the last day, because it almost certainly will not be. But I also get the idea that for many important things there will be no second chance. I don't like to leave things for later.

It is true that time flies.

Nothing was younger. I thought it was great. But now I realize that since my last medal three years will pass and that I have not competed for almost a year and that time does not stop. And if the following summer at the Tokyo Olympics is bad, I will not be that Diego so young that he has his whole life ahead and as this athlete's life is so short ...

What is more important: being an Olympic champion or helping others?

In the long run, it is always better to help others: life will thank you more. I do not have any doubt. But it is also true that if one day I manage to be an Olympic champion, in some way, I will also help others. I don't want it to sound like a superhero, but I've always thought that athletes have the weapon to do good, to bring happiness: people have someone to look at, who to identify with.

Could you be one of them.

I would like.

It has been a year without competing. Has that made you more humble?

Do not believe it. I have never had many opportunities to get on the vine. The media are moving in waves and I, at most, only have one opportunity a year. But, what's more, I would tell you that when I have been the most in the media it was not because of the march, but because of a tweet, a video on social networks ..., all that makes you more realistic. Our sadness is that our sport does not interest (almost) anyone.

It is difficult to fall in love with the march.

It is not a bad product, but there are so few opportunities ... This cannot be. If it sold better, if we realized that we have enough to cut 500 meters from a street, if we understood that a 20 km running race does not last even what a football game… But how to solve it…, that's the crux of the question.

Weren't you worth running?

Well, as a junior I got to do 33 minutes in the San Silvestre and one day in the Blume the marchers piqued with Jesús España and dropped from 2'50 ”by 1,000. But I think running would have hurt me more.

What have you studied?

I have done ADE (Business Administration and Management) because I am attracted to the financial markets sector.

It is a type of numbers.

No. I am a vocational type. I did not get into this race thinking about the outings it has, but thinking about myself. At 10 years old at recess, apart from playing soccer and eating a sandwich, I went to the library to read about the IBEX 35 and the economics section of the newspapers.

Have you not invested in the Stock Market?

Yes, but it has not been a very profitable trip. In Spain the Stock Market does not give the yield that in other countries.

We are always thinking of earning more, of standing out.

It is the bad part of our culture. We are blind to win, we are blind to stand out, yes. Maybe if we enjoyed the road more it would be different. But it is also true that one needs to earn money, that money is more important than I would like it to be.

Do you think a lot about money?

No, not at all, just basic necessities.

Her father is a journalist for RNE: ‘Ciudadano García’

I have always admired him. I have even considered following in his footsteps. But, in the end, I didn't exactly follow his advice. It made me see that there is a lot of precariousness in the media sector and that it was preferable not to face it.

Parents' advice.

I always listen to his advice, even if sometimes he doesn't follow it like when he says, "Diego, you have to be more orderly," because, in the end, he is almost always right. Without going any further, the other day I lost the keys to the parking lot and, as he told me, "I already knew that you were going to lose them."

It would be worse to lose the keys to his sports career.

I am careful about that. I have a family that immediately puts things in their place, which has given me ethics, values. But it is true that sometimes you do not fully realize it and it can take time to take action on the matter and that is what you have to avoid ...

What was the last time

That is a good question.

There are athletes who are angry in a summer as rare as this one.

No I do not. The blow that the Olympics were suppressed did not go wrong. I realized there is no point in being angry. You don't solve anything. Life is not made to get angry, but to find solutions: I have taken the opportunity to come to the beach for several weeks here, on the coast of Almería. It had been four years since I could do it, since I was left out of the Rio 2016 Olympics due to an injury.

Where will it be in 20 years?

I'll be 44 and I don't know. I would like to know. It is true that I do not see myself as an athlete. But from here to then I have time to find my site. It is important. Two years ago I got it right. I tried working in an office and realized that I prefer to be an athlete.

You were not the first.

I worked in the financial department managing collections and I was glued to the computer all day, hardly talking to anyone and that filled me with doubts: I think I am more commercial.

It was a good learning then.

I will always remember the last day, because it was three months, when the director came and said to me, "When we saw you appear at the door, we forgot that you were an athlete and made the decision to give you cane so you could see what life is" . I thanked. Thanks to that I realized that life is more difficult outside of athletics than it seems to athletes when we are young.


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