News : The 'test' of the triathlete Nan Oliveras: 10 kilometers in 28:37!

News :

The 'test' of the triathlete Nan Oliveras: 10 kilometers in 28:37!

Nan Oliveras, in an image from her Instagram

If we recently praised the 'meeting with colleagues' here to roll the triathlete and five-time world champion Javier Gómez Noya rolling at 3' / km, the training carried out this Sunday by another of our triathletes more Illustrious as Nan Oliveras has left us speechless.

It is not strange to see athletes of this discipline make very good marks running, sometimes practically yielding at the level of the TOP runners. In this way, for example Mario Mola managed to complete the five kilometers of the French Grand Prix sprint triathlon a few months ago at 1:35 p.m. (2:43 ’/ km). For his part, Gómez Noya has a personal mark of 67:56 in the half marathon; Mola was just a couple of months ago seventh in the Spanish Cros Championship by autonomous communities.

A 10k on fire

Oliveras has posted on his Instagram account a message accompanied by a video in which he comments “Good 10km test 28’37 ”(2’52”) with the NB FuelCell TC with carbon plate! Looking forward to the bib! ’ Without a doubt, seeing how it is at the race level we do not doubt that if it were put on a bib it would perform at a very remarkable level.

The person from Girona, who has done the training in his native Olot, was world bronze in sub'23 category in 2015 And a year later he had to park high-level sports practice due to a health problem and in 2019 he was able to shine in the middle distance. Nan usually trains each discipline in different scenarios and, for example, it is not strange to see him swim in Lake Banyoles. Note that the Olympic minimum for 10,000 (on track) is 27:28 ...

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