News : The Tom Evans ultra runner, of the 100 miles… To run an average of 63 ′!

News : The Tom Evans ultra runner, of the 100 miles… To run an average of 63 ′!

We are increasingly used to seeing mountain runners making sporadic forays into asphalt events. Transfer all the accumulated unevenness and the specific trail training to flat road races. It is always curious to see how an athlete whose sessions are focused solely and exclusively on adding unevenness and simulating race situations in the mountains (usually with a lot of load of kilometers, sections of walking on steep slopes, etc.) copes in situations you are not used to. We have seen it countless times. We see to Aritz Egea running the Behobia, Sheila Avilés also played a half marathon. In most cases with rhythms and with very positive results.

Waiting for Kilian’s debut

Even Kilian Jornet announced a year ago that he was preparing for his foray into the route (who knows if for the Valencia Marathon that is going to be held in its elite edition). We comment on this because the ultra mountain runner Tom Evans, for many the best ‘last warrior’ in Great Britain and winner, for example, of the CCC test of the Ultra Trail of Montblanc in 2018, participated in the half marathon ‘Coast Half Marathon’. Not only that, but he managed to complete it… in 63 minutes! There is nothing. A race that runs through an impressive landscape on the Antrim Coast, in Ireland, and is considered one of the fastest in Great Britain.

Farah, winner

The 2020 edition Mo Farah took it last Saturday with a record of 60:27 ahead of Marc Scott (60:39) and Ben Connor (60:55). Evans was seventh after completing the 21 kilometers at a pace of 2:59 ‘/ km. An outrage in the case of a runner accustomed to distances that are around 100 kilometers and tremendous unevenness, which is why he usually travels at much slower rates. It should be noted that Evans already ran a 5k test in 13’41 ”a couple of years ago.

Check the classifications of the race.

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