News : The training that 'humanizes' Toni Abadía

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The training that 'humanizes' Toni Abadía

Toni Abadía continues to progress slowly with his training

Elite athletes, like the rest of athletes in our country, have only had the opportunity to train outdoors in just a week. They have recovered a certain ‘normality’ (in quotation marks because they are still unable to exceed the limits of their provinces and the technical centers and sports facilities are closed), but they are obviously having to get used to getting their routines back a bit. In their homes and with the material they had they have been able to more or less keep the shape and adapt to the circumstances, but both mentally and in that transition from running from the treadmill to the asphalt or forest tracks is an important stretch. And since there are no competitions on the horizon, this progressive lap is being strictly carried out.

A gradual lap with no competitions on the horizon

And within this process we have been struck by a training that has posted the Spanish ‘recordman’ of the 10 kilometers en route Toni Abadía in his ‘Strava’ account. In a training entitled ‘Bedtime stiff as a stick’ the Aragonese traveled 10 kilometers at a rate of 5: 04 / km. To give an example and to give us an idea of ​​the pace at which the man from Zaragoza is able to go in shape, he ran the 10k in Laredo in which he achieved the national record at 2: 46 / km. Partial 4:59, 4:20, 4:16, 5:10, 5: 28 ... something that for toni must be practically like walking. But there are workouts that help you grow in another way, too.

The athlete himself has taken the opportunity to upload a message on networks and comparing that activity with the one he carried out the next day. A half marathon at 3: 40 / km, something that is already adjusting much more to what we are used to. Without a doubt, and as he himself emphasizes, you have to know how to listen to the body on days when it does not give you good vibrations or you feel especially loaded or fatigued. More, as we said, without short-term competition.

Both Abadía and the other long distance runners and athletes in general continue to work and take steps towards their optimal states. As phases are passed and they can also start using sports centers and facilities, we will see them fly again.

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