News : The UCI prohibits hugging between cyclists!

News : The UCI prohibits hugging between cyclists!

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The UCI seems determined to continue generating debate and it is that after announcing just a month ago that it would prohibit the position of the “ball bug” and other aerodynamic positions on top of the bicycle, it has just announced through an official statement that asks cyclists to no hugs in case of victory.

The measure that is announced as a slight modification of the health protocol that came into force to alleviate the impact of the Coronavirus comes with controversy under its arm.

It is true that in these times, any prevention is limited and that sanitary measures to minimize infections must continue to be a priority for everyone.

In the words of the UCI itself, making this decision has not been easy at all and it is that it understands that hugs, displays of joy and spontaneous congratulations are part of the beauty of our sport.

However, in his opinion it is essential to modify and temporarily limit certain actions to return to normality as soon as possible.

Within cycling competitions it is common to see hugs and congratulations to celebrate the victory. A fairly common action that is usually seen on television as soon as you cross the finish line. Sometimes hugs are also seen with the family and the corresponding couples.

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Hugging with partners or partners will be prohibited within the new regulations

The funny thing is that the UCI also limits these actions between teammates. Some have already harshly criticized the measures and it is that it is the least strange that I arrived to limit contact even between athletes who are within the same bubble.

Something that does not make much sense considering that members of the same team dine together, are cared for by the same physiotherapists or share a bus during transfers.

At the moment, the UCI considers the regulations mandatory but has not stated about possible sanctions in case of non-compliance.

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