News : The ugly gesture of the winner of the Moscow Marathon with 22,000 runners!

News : The ugly gesture of the winner of the Moscow Marathon with 22,000 runners!

Image of the moment of the gesture of the winner of the Moscow Marathon

To begin with, what is most striking about this ‘story’, so to speak, is the number of participants in this test in the midst of this context of the coronavirus pandemic in which the majority of major races are falling and those that survive are looking forward to it and wanting it to be able to limit their number of registrants and respect the demanding sanitary restrictions and security measures.

In the Moscow Marathon, which was held this past Sunday the 20th in the Russian capital, 22,000 runners participated. If a few days ago it was necessary to juggle in Barcelona to be able to carry out the Cursa de la Mercè with 2,000 ‘finishers’, at Vladimir Putin’s house they ‘laugh’ at that. 9,780 people participated in the marathon and 12,230 in the 10k.

People without a mask in the departure area

Obviously even so the numbers are far from previous editions, where 30,000 athletes had gathered, but that figure is undoubtedly significant. In addition, in the images you can see people in a kind of stands without any safety distance. A couple of months ago the half marathon was also held in the Russian city with almost 10,000 participants. In the videos, in addition, you can see people accumulated in the exit area without a mask (the majority) and doing the mythical count or ‘countdown’ before giving the starting gun.

The anecdote at the finish line

An anecdote also took place in the ‘queen’ race, in which this year practically only local athletes or from nearby countries participated. In fact, the winner, Yuri chechun, from Kyrgyzstan, took the win with a discreet time of 2:16:07. But the most outstanding thing was the ugly gesture that he had at the finish line after maintaining a ‘pique’ during a good part of the test. Just before the finish line, the winner made a gesture with a clear intention of offending. Yuri Chechun raised his right hand to his forehead, as if looking at how far he had left his rival, which ended in 2h16’16 ”.

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