News : The unforgivable mistake of the 4×400 USA that gave Spain a pass to the final

News : The unforgivable mistake of the 4×400 USA that gave Spain a pass to the final

Image of the error of the American 4×400 relay / Twitter

Beyond the great performance of the Spanish 4 × 400 relay in the Tokyo Olympic Games series (Spain’s record with 3: 13.29), his pass to the final came thanks to the disqualifications of the United States and the Dominican Republic. The team formed by Samuel García, Laura Bueno, Aauri Bokesa and Bernat Erta scored at a spectacular level and managed to finish ahead of the Nigerian relay, which made the African Record but was left out of the final.

Well, in the case of the North American team, his disqualification was due to a beginner’s failure, unforgivable in a scenario as demanding as the Olympic Games and being one of the great candidates to finish on the podium.

Zone out

As the athletics expert @gabyandersen shows on his Twitter account, it is seen how the American reliever awaits the pick-up of the baton clearly outside the area enabled for it (the limit is clearly marked with a blue line). The team formed by Lynna Irby, Taylor Manson, Bryce Deadmon and Elija Godwin is left out due to this error in the reception of the witness, a very hard blow without a doubt.

It should be noted that the Spanish team has the worst time (the other series was much faster and, beyond Poland, the Netherlands and Jamaica, which managed to pass through positions, Great Britain slipped into the final by time), but the immense excitement the four relievers felt in the subsequent interview has been truly exciting. We will enjoy them in the very final tomorrow (2:35 pm CET).

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