News : The 'unknown' Alejandro Fernández: "Winning a career is like getting a job"

News :

The 'unknown' Alejandro Fernández: "Winning a career is like getting a job" 

At 34, the Galician athlete has just dropped 29'00 ”by 10,000. He works as a dependent in Ourense and has been the last two years "lame, hit by Ibuprofen." But success is like life: a round trip.

He is 34 years old and has just gone down for 29.00 minutes in 10,000 times in Canillejas and Valencia. It seems that it never existed, but that is not true. Alejandro Fernández was a junior athlete who became fourth in Europe. Also between 2012 and 2015 he won seven medals in the Championships of absolute Spain. But these last two years he has been injured, "At the blow of Ibuprofen" and injuries erase our memory.

So I didn't even remember him, but that is the advantage of life, which is a round trip.

When you imagine that everything is over it doesn't have to be that way.

As Woody Allen said, "The future has its eyes closed."

At 34, Alejandro Fernández has again surprised himself by doing 20 × 400 with 30 seconds of recovery between 1’00 ”and 1’06” which means thousands between 2’30 and 2’45 ”.

Who was going to say it to him, at his age and with the tendon operated ... To him, who until August, "when he started with the magnetic therapy sessions", he believed that he had lost that speed point forever.

You could also tell us that today, on a cold and rainy morning, of which everyone imagines in Galicia, he has trained 20 kilometers and the last ten have come out in 31’13 ”.

But, above all, he could tell us something more important than all that: the sensations.

And then it occurs to you to think what a pity that Alejandro Fernández is already 34 years old.

But then he anticipates that idea:

“Everyone should know what it is like and I would never have been worth mentally to be a professional athlete. There were times when I got to do 13’50 in 5,000 or 28’55 ”in 10,000 when I asked myself:‘ Alejandro, what would happen if you stopped working? What would happen if you could fold and you didn't have to train, finish and stretch in a hurry? ”

But the temptation did not get bigger:

“I said to myself,‘ stop, stop ’and I reminded myself,‘ Alejandro, don't fool yourself, you can't live like this, you already lived like that from 15 to 19 years old for and for this and you ended up taking phobia of athletics. Don't repeat that mistake again. ”

The teenager then remembered that the first time he went out at night "he was already 19 years old". He also reappeared in his life the teenager who in summer he did not go to the pool so that the sun did not give him and his muscles softened. Or the teenager who lost his relationship with his childhood friends, because in his life everything was athletics.

And that teenager was him.

And at 19 he left it: he had to leave it.

And he was, from 19 to 24, without running anything, absolutely nothing.

And so it was until one day with 24 years he looked too fat. "I had put 10 kilos."

And he ran again.

But then he never imagined that, at 34, he would be where he is today, below 29’00 ”at 10,000 What is like a cannon of joy.

There are 34 years of Alejandro Fernández, who works in a sports shop specializing in running. And before he did it in a pool. And before in a gym. And if you compare it with your sister, who speaks five languages ​​and works in a large company in Berlin, it may be little. And even if it is compared with his mother, who was a city official, or with his father, professor of Geology, it may also be little.

But he is happy because he works around the sport. And he works near home. And he has a salary that he doesn't have all day thinking about “What would happen if I am not good and I lose the scholarship” If I were a professional athlete. And it allows him to get out "of that bubble of being all day thinking about training" that, for him, would be dangerous.

And not. "I need to finish the training and think about something else."

And then ask:

"If I do well as before, why am I going to change?"

He will never be a frustrated elite athlete. “In life you have to put things on the scale and then choose the path. I have chosen mine as everyone chooses theirs. At the end of the month, I have my payroll and athletics has become an extra in my life that is still there. I am happy in the store that is going well. People come and are looking forward to my advice and I train myself not to let them down: I talk to podiatrists so they can tell me, ‘look, this is so, this way ...

-What is more difficult: win a race or sell some shoes?

-In the race the rivals try to pass you over -he replies.

-Win a race is like getting a job?

-Yes, it has its parallelism, because in both places you compete against each other, in both cases you must put the best of yourself and the day, which you win, is like when you get a job. You always want more, whether to win again or progress in the company. Therefore, yes, I think it is a very, very adequate comparison.

At 34, Alejandro Fernández is often told, "Boy, you're in a second youth."

But he battles:

“That is very relative. Age does not have to be such a limiting factor, look at Camilo who has made an Olympic mark in a marathon at age 36. That is why I think that the only limitations are those that you mark yourself. ”

In addition, today was not the time to talk about limitations.

It was an optimistic conversation with a guy with a blank sheet of paper and lots of air in his lungs. A passionate about history in possession of writing his own story that comes from two years in which he has had a hard time, since he operated on the hatlung syndrome in Madrid.

He did not believe in the recovery tired of pain, tired of limping, tired of taking ibuprofen and of not giving with his diagnosis: "It was thought that he had calcifications, they gave me shock waves that came to me fatal. ”

But last summer arrived on time and it was discovered that his problem had a name and surname: bone edema.

A magnotherapy machine was then bought and, you see, Alejandro Fernández has flown again.

It has taken us out of ignorance to those we thought was a stranger, to those who do not repair that he was a great junior athlete and to those who forget us (that we all forget sometime) that life, in reality, is a round trip.

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