News : The unknown athlete who took a 10,000 in the USA … With 27:20!

News : The unknown athlete who took a 10,000 in the USA … With 27:20!

Zouhair Talbi, great protagonist in the United States / Chuck Utash

No registered club and Without references, the Moroccan Zouhair Talbi appeared at a meeting in the United States. Obviously he did not come from nowhere (he credited 28:02 in 10,000 and 13:28 in 5,000), but it is true that on the American circuit no one had heard of him nor was he taken into account in the face of a 10,000-meter race in which there were Olympic minimums at stake and which had athletes of the category of Emmanuel Bor or Joe Keckler.

He lowered his personal best by 40 seconds

Well, Talbi (the only one who appears in the final classification as ‘Unattached club’ (no registered club) stopped the clock at a spectacular 27:20:61, downloading your personal record in more than 40 seconds and widely managing to lower the Olympic minimum (27:28). The Moroccan passed the 5,000 in 13:44 and maintained his composure until the end with a truly surprising result. Talbi, born April 8, 1995, has a personal best of 28:21 in 10km and 1:02 in a half marathon. Zouhair Talbi he becomes 5th Moroccan in history. Overtake Boutayeb and Aouita.

In addition to Talbi, Emmanuel Bor (27:22:80) and Joe Kleckler (27:23:44) also achieved an Olympic minimum. At the gates was the NCAA cross champion Conner Mantz (27:41).

Meeting results:

Review all the Olympic minimums.

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