News : The Valencia Marathon can experience the best edition in its history

News :

The Valencia Marathon can experience the best edition in its history

Image of the start of the Valencia Marathon

The Valencia Marathon, if it can finally be held on December 6, It will have the participation of more elite and semi-elite athletes than planned after the interest that many of them have shown in attending what will be one of the first tests to achieve the minimum mark for the Tokyo 2021 Olympics.

"We have noticed that more or less twice as many athletes of that profile have addressed us as in previous editions because they want to run here and that their brands can be validated ahead of the Olympic event ”, explained Juan Botella, race director of the event.

A very heavy autumn

In this regard, he explained that in the last edition between 150 and 170 athletes of these characteristics ran and that "now there are more than three hundred requests, which would mean the presence of more athletes than in an Olympic final."

The World Athletics established a few weeks ago that, given the training and mobility problems caused by the pandemic, as well as the difficulties in carrying out anti-doping tests, the marks for the Games would only be valid from December 1.

Valencia, the first bullet

"You cannot run too many marathons in twelve months and if in December you do the minimum and your federation selects you, competing in Valencia is a blessing for the athlete who must not desperately look for a test and risk everything in the spring"He pointed out. Bottle also stressed that making a first attempt in a test such as the one in Valencia "gives the opportunity to fail and try again later".

"We cannot accept everyone, so we are making a small selection to be able to treat them with quality, because our idea is always to grow with quality," stressed Bottle, who explained that the idea of ​​the test is always to "size with quality". "Perhaps we can finally count around two hundred runners of that profile," Bottle said.

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