News : the viral method that helps you lose weight

News : the viral method that helps you lose weight

It is convenient to vary the routines when training. Not only looking for those that are most appropriate according to the personal objectives set, but with the idea of ​​seeing something dynamic in physical exercise and as a source of pleasure that, in addition, has very beneficial effects on health.

If you consider yourself quite active, remember not to obsess over certain routines so as not to make the sessions counterproductive. If you’re just getting started, sign up routines like the 12 3 30 workout as an example to help you get on your way.

What is training 12 3 30

Training 12 3 30 is a proposal for program the treadmill, and involves doing it on a slope. Made popular by actress and social media personality Lauren Giraldo, who lost 13 kilos with the method. In fact, it went viral on Tik Tok and other social networks to the point of reaching almost 12 million visits.

The young woman confessed to having difficulties getting excited about certain activities such as running, and was fickle. With the method, he not only achieved the physical change he was looking for, it also had an impact on a mental level.

Benefits of training with 12 3 3 0

The benefits of the method are linked to those of walking. Walking helps improve health because reduces high blood pressure and overweight, in addition to preventing cardiovascular diseases.

You activate muscle groups in different parts of the body and keep them in shape, then you helps tone, even more so considering that it is about incorporating slope into the routine. You will notice it especially in the muscles of the legs and buttocks. And, of course, it has a positive impact on a mental level because it helps to disconnect and reduces stress levels.

You may not consider yourself a runner, something you have in common with Lauren Giraldo herself, so this method can become a great alternative for you. In fact, the uninitiated should always be careful about the impact running has on their joints, but walking is a gentle and healthy exercise safer for beginners, and that also has multiple benefits.

What is the 12-3-30 method?

The 12 3 30 workout refers to a specific treadmill schedule: 12% incline and three miles per hour (4.8 km) for 30 minutes. A priori it does not seem like a demanding training, and it is not if you practice sports frequently and with a moderate-high intensity. You only need to get on the treadmill with appropriate shoes and clothing. Of course, to execute the activity correctly we give you some useful tips.

Correctly execute the movement

Walking is a recommended activity for everyone except in cases of specific contraindications, but it is not about taking a walk as if we were looking at shop windows. Must become aware of our body when we execute the activity.

The first thing to watch is the heel, which is the first to touch the ground. Ultimately, it is the toes that provide momentum, although the entire leg (first one, then the other) will be involved in the movement.

Although these are the ones that intervene most actively, you should consider other parts of the body such as the abdomen. To tone you must keep it in tension, like when you are going to perform an abdominal crunch.

On the other hand, arms They should be balanced gently on each side, helping to maintain balance. You can also alternately raise them overhead to achieve a slightly higher level of complexity.

Breathe properly

Acquiring and maintaining good breathing technique will help you walk better and avoid feeling tired and cramping. Maintain the ideal posture to clear your chest, without slouching.

Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth, with a rhythm of exhalation in three steps and inhalation in two. Breathing in this way helps to oxygenate the brain, to control the nerves and, in general, to improve the quality of life. That is why in disciplines such as yoga, Pilates and those related to meditation, so much importance is given to the control of breathing.

Tips to lose weight with the 12-3-30 method

If you have just decided to lead a healthier life and parts of a low level, the routine will be quite demanding. When you are climbing a slope, even a slight one, a greater cardiovascular and muscular effort, so you have to have an adequate base to carry out this type of training. Imagine that you spend 30 minutes climbing a mountain: you will end up getting very tired if you do not have enough physical background.

Lauren Giraldo herself confessed that she had a hard time completing the routine at first, and that within 10 to 15 minutes of starting she needed to take a break. Little by little he managed to reach 30 minutes, and now he complements the 12-3-30 method with other strength and resistance exercises.

Our advice, therefore, is that you adjust the method to your level and complete it little by little. In fact, if you’ve just started exercising after a long period of inactivity, you can start with lower-impact exercises like the elliptical trainer or swimming. Whatever you do will be a good starting point and it will add up.

Ultimately, training 12 3 30 consists of walking on an unchanged 12% slope for half an hour, until completing about 2.4 kilometers. You will need a treadmill and, depending on the level you start from, raise it progressively. If you are going to exercise after a long period of inactivity, you can start with a lower intensity exercise.

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