News : The workout at Zwift; what they are, how to create them and what they are for

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The workout at Zwift; what they are, how to create them and what they are for

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If roller training stands out for something, it is for its enormous effectiveness. Perfect circumstances to meet the schedule and nail the specific job through the series and workouts.

Precisely the possibility of configuring the personalized coach plan through the Zwift virtual platform remains one of the main doubts of users who seek to make the most of sessions on the reel.

Today it's time to talk about the famous “Workouts” at Zwift. A functionality with enormous benefits and of great interest to all those cyclists who want to improve their performance.

What are Workouts?

The so-called "Workout" come to be the modern concept of the "series" of all life.

Workouts are specific interval exercises tailor-made to improve a certain physical condition.

It is common to see the concept within cycling, but also surrounding other sports such as tyratlon, crossfit and in general the whole world of fitness.

A training session with Workout is always scheduled in advance and its duration and intensity can change. Workouts in cycling can be done outdoors with reference to the previous series work that I commented, but it is increasingly common to see professional cyclists and triathletes perform specific work on top of the roller.

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Workouts are ideal for making the most of time on the bike

What is a Workout for?

When we schedule a workout with a specific workout we are looking for work in the most concrete way possible a certain physical quality.

Workouts on the roller are perfect to be able to comply with what is established and unlike what happens when we shoot abroad, we do not have to be aware of traffic, traffic lights or the recklessness of drivers.

Roller and workouts on simulators allow you to focus all your energy and concentration on exercise interval.

In this way, the workouts solve the usual problem of having to design a route that adapts to the training plan and of conditioning the day to the rest of the “grotto”. Those who train by power and follow the guidelines of a cycling coach will know that there is nothing more annoying than stopping a series due to a stoplight or a mountain pass ending earlier than expected.

"Those who train by power and follow the guidelines of a cycling coach will know that there is nothing more annoying than stopping a series due to a stoplight or a mountain pass ending earlier than expected."

Thanks to the roller and the workout, all this seems to be a thing of the past. With this functionality you can comply to the millimeter with the trainer series and make the most of every minute you spend on the bike.

In short, we can say that Workouts are great for working on aspects such as intensity, strength or speed. However, a roller workout program will hardly serve you to work the bottom or the base in cycling.

I would not like to close this point without remembering that the Workouts must be personalized adaptations of the training made entirely to measure by a professional.

It should not be forgotten that the physical condition between athletes is totally different and that consequently the power zones can vary significantly between subjects. What for one cyclist may be a recovery zone, for another it may be an intensity higher than the anaerobic threshold.

How to create a Workout in Zwift?

Before entering the subject, I would like to clarify that all that follows is a configuration guide and that for a specific correct and effective job, the different power zones must be precisely known.

Regarding the creation of workouts, the Zwift application offers us two options. On the one hand, we have the selection of default workouts and on the other the possibility of configuring and adjusting a totally tailored training.

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In the main menu "training" we have the option to view the workouts

The first of them refers to a series of specific exercises that the program makes available to users completely free of charge.

These exercises have been designed by physical training professionals and in some cases by former professional cyclists who, based on their own experience, propose specific activities for intensify very precise aspects.

In addition, Zwift offers us the possibility to subscribe to complete weekly schedules. In this way the program acts as a sort of personal trainer in charge of adjusting training loads and breaks.

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Zwift makes the possibility of selecting training plans for weeks available to users completely free of charge

The selection of these Workouts and training programs must be made before starting the exercise and through the main menu. However, we will always have the option to start a workout in the middle of the activity through the pause menu. It is very important that we have the right bar of the FTP value adjusted to our level physical. If not, the estimate will not be real and the exercise will have everything but specific work.

Finally, the second option that Zwift offers us is the create a custom Workout. Personalized exercises and totally adapted to our needs.

The configuration will also be made through the main menu (before entering the simulation) and you can do through power or pulse. In the main menu we must select the section "Type of corridor". A data that by default is predefined with the option "Just mount".

Once inside, the specific Workouts menu opens. If none of the proposed exercises convinces us or we have not imported the Training Peaks activity (something that can also be done) we can create the personalized training.

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At the top of the Workout menu we have the option to "create new training". It is very important to adjust and customize the FTP bar on the right.

To do this we must select the “Custom Workouts” tab and then “create a new training”.

From here it is a matter of assemble the puzzle as you wish. The system is very intuitive and visual. You just need to drag the different boxes on the right side of the screen and modify their intensity and duration with the computer keyboard.

All kinds of intervals can be created and at the bottom of the screen we can view at any time a summary of the activity we are programming (duration, stress points or percentage of FTP).

Once we have the training ready we will only have to save it with a name "top of the screen" and select it with the "training" option.

create workout "width =" 640 "height =" 360
The app to create workout is very intuitive and visual

To ensure that we have done it correctly on the route screen, we must clearly visualize the specific information of the Workout. When we start pedaling we will see that the time begins to run and Zwift will give us instructions to maintain the adequate power (more or less power). If we have activated the "ERGO" systemAvailable on most “Smart” rollers, the resistance will automatically adjust so that the slope of the simulator does not affect pedaling cadence or power.

I recommend that to follow the Workouts you use the mobile application “Zwift Companion” in company of the computer. Both programs synchronize and allow you not only to monitor your activity on the mobile but also to skip or adjust the intensity of the Workout during exercise. Very interesting function for high intensity loads.

Workout Zwift companion mobile "width =" 354 "height =" 767 "srcset ="óvil.png 720w ,óvil-709x1536.png 709w, content / uploads / 2020/04 / Workout-Zwift-companion-movil-194x420.png 194w,óvil -640x1387.png 640w,óvil-681x1476.png 681w "sizes =" (max-width: 354px ) 100vw, 354px
The Zwift Companion mobile app is especially useful for Workouts

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