News : The world's most expensive athletics record marks 24 years

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The world's most expensive athletics record marks 24 years

Zelezny, in a file image

The brand of 98.48 meters achieved on May 25, 1996 in Jena (Germany) by the Czech javelin thrower Jan Zelezny it continues to be, 24 years later, the most expensive in athletics according to the official scoreboards.

Fitted with a long bib overall over a white T-shirt, Zelezny threw himself to the ground at the edge of the line to give the dart the biggest boost, drawing a majestic flight before chop on the grass at a distance never reached before since the regulation forced to advance the center of gravity of the device to its trajectory.

A day for history

It was the highlight of the Zeiss Meeting that was held at the Ernst Abbe Stadion in Jena. At 18:30 Zelezny started with a shot of 87.76 meters, continued with 92.88 and in the third he achieved those 98.48 that improved his world record by almost three meters. Then he threw 91.44, voided and said goodbye with 87.88. Five valid throws with an average of 91.68 meters. The second classified, the German Raymond Hecht, also broke the wall of the 90 (90.06).

World Athletics Official Tables give Zelezny's record a rating of 1,364 points, more than any other of any specialty or discipline. Above 9.58 in the 100 meters and 19.19 in 200 by Usain Bolt (1,356 and 1,352), and by Mike Powell's 8.95 meters in length (1,346).

Zelezny, retired in 2006 after being three times the Olympic champion and many others in the world, managed 54 shots over 90 meters, at a great distance from those who follow him in statistics, the Norwegian Andreas Thorkildsen and the Finn Aki Parviainen, they did it eight times.

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