News : The world's most stylish Eliud Kipchoge impersonator

News :

The world's most stylish Eliud Kipchoge impersonator

Kipchoge and his impersonator, face to face

Welcome be all that can bring us a smile in these strange and gray days! And if it is related to athletics and ‘running’, much better. A few weeks ago, a spectacular report made in Kenya by the colleagues of the ‘GQ’ Magazine came to light in which they discovered first-hand what day-to-day life is and the secret of the K Kipchoge Method ’. From his ‘training camp’ in Kaptagat to his home in Eldoret, Eliud shows us how his legend has been forged, what his routine is like, his training sessions, his life in the bowels of this talented factory in the background.

The most hilarious home story

The report was accompanied by incredible photos with the considered by many the best marathoner of all time posing with extravagant, groundbreaking models, like we have never seen before. Brand clothing, super exclusive, light years away from the models that the African usually uses to run and those who are used to us. One of the most recognized ‘tweeters’ in the world of ‘running’ in Spain as he is @contadordekm has given us a nice and hilarious reply of the photographic report made by ‘GQ’ to the world ‘recordman’. Taking advantage of the images and with several pieces of clothing that he has "hunted" at home, he has become his impersonator.

Scandal robes, skin-tight leather pants that break, impossible raincoats. Definitely a touch of ultra-necessary humor on these days. Crack!

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