News : The worrying 'fitness room' of Barceloneta that has gone viral

News :

The worrying 'fitness room' of Barceloneta that has gone viral

Image of the 'fitness room' in Barceloneta this morning

It was probably the most watched video of the day. A host of people have gathered in the Barceloneta neighborhood of Barcelona, ​​in the area closest to Hotel W, to practice all kinds of exercises and sports. It is one of the ‘collateral’ effects of this first phase of the de-escalation in which everyone who wants to practice outdoor activities must do so in the same reduced time slot. Obviously, the responsibility of the people also comes into play here, as well as trying not to pile up on top of each other and respect the forced distancing by the authorities in the coronavirus crisis.

The ‘Barceloneta Lizard’

In this video, which has spread like wildfire on social networks, you can even see a boy crawling in the purest 'Komodo dragon' style in an exercise that has gone viral. It has even been baptized as the ‘Barceloneta Lizard’. The truth is that It is impressive to see how this corner of the promenade presented an aspect this morning (9:21 p.m. according to the author) more typical of a gym. People meditating, squatting, skating, crawling, boxing, sit-ups, weights ...

It is clear that people want to play sports and take advantage of the sun within the assigned time slot, but always from the responsibility that we spoke and keeping that distance so as not to throw away all the work and sacrifices made so far.

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