News : “There is no difference between doping and running in those shoes”

News : “There is no difference between doping and running in those shoes”

Tegla Loroupe, triple half marathon / AFP world champion

Word of a triple world champion. It is a very exaggerated phrase, probably too much. But it adds fuel to the fire to the existing debate about the role of these carbon plate fiber shoes that have revolutionized the world of athletics. World Records beaten non-stop, especially in long-distance events. We no longer celebrate or value world records at 5,000, 10,000 and en route as we did before because we almost expect that in every great race someone will beat them. It is the routine.

Whoever has left this phrase of “for me there is no difference between doping and running with those shoes” is not just anybody. We are talking about the Kenyan Tegla Loroupe, a three-time half marathon world champion and one of the most media personalities of her country and of athletics in general in recent decades. A 10,000 world medalist, Loroupe, at 48, has analyzed the impact of the new sneakers: “I don’t like it because there is no human energy. You are cheating, you are not a hero because you do not use your own strength. You can have a faster shoe, but those who can’t afford it don’t have it. “

She broke the marathon World Record twice and is heavily involved with refugee-related projects; in fact, he led the refugee team at the Rio 2016 Games.

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