News : These are the Spanish selected for the Doha World Cup

News :

These are the Spanish selected for the Doha World Cup

María Pérez, one of the great assets of Spain

The Royal Spanish Athletics Federation has announced the list of selected to face the Doha World Cup from September 27 to October 6. The national coach José Peiró and the sports director Antonio Sánchez have provided a list of names without too many surprises and top-level athletes who will try to achieve their best marks in a land that leaves a lot of uncertainty regarding climatology. Without going any further, marchers and fondistas have been working in heat chambers to adapt the body to the hardness of Qatar, where temperatures close to 40 degrees are expected.

The best car season

In the middle background there will be several very prominent names. Starting with the men's 800, Mariano García (best mark of the year of 1.45.67), Álvaro de Arriba (1.45.57) and Adrián Ben (1.45.78) will be our representatives; in 1,500, Adel Mechaal (3.33.91), Kevin López (3.34.83) and Jesús Gómez (3.36.40) and in the women's section Esther Guerrero (4.05.70) and Marta Pérez (4.05.85). One of our biggest medal options will come from Orlando Ortega, fourth in the world ranking of the year. Another, that of a Fernando Carro who is living the best season of his career and is also the fourth of the year.

Eusebio Cáceres and Héctor Santos will look for the final in the long jump and the hammer thrower Javier Cienfuegos goes for a medal also after living a few brutal last months and crediting the third best world record of the course.

Obviously, we should highlight our progress. María Pérez (20km) and July Takacs (50) have the fifth best brands respectively of 2019 and also travel aspiring to everything. Galician Ana Peleteiro also credits the fifth longest jump of the year with its 14.59 and it is another of our banners. Diego García-Carrera, on the other hand, has the ninth best time of 2019 and does not give up anything.

These are those convened by the RFEA for the Doha World Cup:

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