News : "They already compare me to Lamela, but don't worry, I've only taken a record"

News :

"They already compare me to Lamela, but don't worry, I've only taken a record"

Héctor Santos, jumping this season / RFEA
Héctor Santos, jumping this season / RFEA

It is one of the names of our athletics this 2019. An open melon that, in a way, has already opened. And how. Since the emergence two decades ago of Yago Lamela the long jump did not live something similar. He takes it wisely, he knows that he has much left to try to match everything that Yago did, one of the best athletes in the history of Spain. His 8.19 in Gävle in the European sub’23 was a hurricane (so was the Record of the Tarragona Spanish Championship), a violent blast of air. Of all this noise, its tremendous growth, its relationship with athletics, its referents and its training team (it is exercised with jumpers such as Pablo Torrijos and Eusebio Cáceres, who has the second best national brand of the history).

How have you lived all this frenzy that has been generated?

“It has been two frantic weeks, but the truth is that I am very happy because things are going out and it came from a time that was a bit stagnant. Happy for the silver in the European and for the Record of the Championship without a doubt ”.

Did it enter your head to reach this point of the season like this?

“The main objective I wanted this year was to jump eight meters, with that I was satisfied. It is true that from the beginning I wanted to fight for the medals in the European because it came from being bronze in the Junior European last year and I wanted to keep fighting. When I jumped 8 and 8,11 the truth that I positioned myself very well in the ranking. The minimum for Doha saw her very far and unlikely, but I did it. ”

And now it turns out that at your premature age you are the seventh best Spanish pitcher ever…

"To become seventh of all time having jumpers of such a high level as Lino or Lamela, You told me two years ago and I would call you crazyI wouldn't even believe it. I think everything is going well, that it is the result of work, of the coach, of the physio, mine. I think I can continue to improve and climb that list of Spanish top history. For my part I will leave everything. ”

“The main objective was the European sub’23 and if it is true that Doha was looking a little sideways, perhaps in the play, if any, could enter with 8.12. Now change everything with the minimum and prepare well for the Spanish Championship and peak shape. I am happy and hopeful if I do it well. ”

And how does one deal when they start comparing it with Lamela?

“There are many people who already compares me to Lamela. Quiet, I have only taken a record of a championship and without going any further Eusebio Cáceres made 8.31 in a championship of Spain promise but by wind it was not valid in the ranking. That people get to know me is something new for me, it is a pride and hopefully I will gradually get closer to all these names and I can earn half of what they have earned ”.

How does the love story of Héctor Santos begin with athletics?

"I started in athletics for my sister. I first played tennis and tried several sports. My sister started on that with a teacher from my school and then I started as a game, as a child. First with the combined, then the fences and then in a Spanish Championship I was third in length, they took me to a concentration and saw that I could do well. Even as a youth I combined fences and length and already in youth I made 7.28 and I saw that I could do well. Little by little I was testing, I trained three days a week in Huelva, nothing serious, always combined with studies, until I went to Madrid. I went on to train six days, to touch weights and now I am at a level that would be very rare for me to change my test. Yes, I would like to try a 100 and such… ”

The big step comes from leaving your family and leaving for Madrid ...

“The beginning is complicated. I decided to go to Madrid a little for studies and training. I wanted to study physiotherapy and in Huelva I couldn't, so either I went to Seville or I went to Madrid. But in Seville there was no long-distance coach that I knew and I bet to go to the Blume with Juan Carlos Álvarez. It was a very wise decision. Luckily I have not lived alone in Madrid because there are my uncles, my cousins. I have also been lucky to make a good group of friends in the Blume and it is important to isolate you. As I am not alone I get along well and I am more than adapted and very happy in Madrid ”.

“Eusebio told me when I arrived with 18 years that by conditions I could jump 8 meters. He sees me that I can improve and that I can jump more than 8.19He has always told me. Torrijos, Eusebio and I arrived the same year. Piscological issue is very important and we help each other, they have more experience than me. ”

How are you getting to know the story of Yago Lamela?

“If I'm honest, I started to see length when Eusebio played the European sub’23, with my father, and I got hooked there. From Yago until quite recently he had not seen videos or deepened his figure. Now I have seen his endings several times, but I recognize that as a child I was not aware. You knew who Pedroso was, the duel of Mike Powel and Carl Lewis, but the figure of Yago has been over time that I've realized what it was"

Can you play in your favor in Doha go without any pressure?

“I must go with 0 pressure to Doha and I think that can play in my favor. Being a finalist is a dream. It was very different in the European, which was more "forced" to make a medal. Luckily I take the issue of pressure and expectations well. ”

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