News : "They are the worst partials of my life but running again has been the hell"

News :

"They are the worst partials of my life but running again has been the hell"

Carles Gómez, Andorran athlete who has run again

The feeling of running again. To put on your sneakers, choose one of your favorite t-shirts, the one that reminds you so well of that career in which you made a personal mark. A good pair of tights or pants, socks and let the rattle of your legs take you again. One month after. What you did not value before and you have been missing a lot in recent weeks. The air, greeting your neighbors who also wear a smile from ear to ear to get out of the 'jail' for a little while (we can imagine the smile because you have to wear a buff or mask). It is what we are all looking forward to and have already been able to fulfill in Andorra.

Start over

We called athlete Carles Gómez (Club Atletisme Valls) to explain the experience of running again after confinement. “We started confinement on March 14 and so far we have not started this de-escalation and we were able to go outdoors for the first time to exercise. The first day was very smooth, half an hour. We have a series of rules to follow, You can only go an hour on alternate days and without leaving more than two kilometers from where you live. Let's see, it is not very controlled, more than anything, you appeal to civil liability. I've been running for 10 years and yesterday I saw more people than in my whole life together… ”.

The Andorran system would be difficult to apply to the main most populated cities: "I think that the system that we are applying in Andorra would be unfeasible to apply it in Barcelona, for example. There are many strips, in the morning the young people come out soon, then the older people and from 14 to 18 to families with children ”.

A return to ‘seminormality’

“I work in a bank and yes I have been going out a little, but exercise I have had to do it at home and reinvent myself. In Andorra the State of Alarm has not been decreed, but the people have complied. Here Every day the Minister of Health comes out and explains the situation, as in Spain, and recently they began to consider the option of starting to go out and do sports. outdoors and since last Thursday it has been established. They reported it in the media, in the newspaper ... I was touched from the first day by the number of my portal. There is a PDF that comes to us via WhatsApp and the government explains all the regulations ”, he details us on the operation of the monitoring of the crisis in the Principality.

Obviously until those who had run in his life came out to breathe fresh air: "Here we must appeal to the responsibility of each one, that we do not get away with it. I tell you, I went out the first day in the evening and it was going to burst. It is a walk near the river and it is enabled for people to run in an orderly manner and the distance is respected. The mountain roads are mostly closed to avoid risks of falls and getting riot, ”says Carles.

Catch sensations again

Despite not being a professional, he has more than respectable marks and usually competes in Catalunya championships and meetings: “My routine is to do track training Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, then I go to the gym in Caldea. Juan Ramón Moya, father of athlete Pol Moya, trains me and he follows up on me. On weekends we usually train outdoors. I compete at the level of Catalonia, I have 3:48 in 1,500, 31 ’in 10,000. I do this for love, by vocation, I am not a professional. The track is currently closed, we are waiting for it to be reopened with restrictions. Let's see if there is any way for athletes to start using it. "

The important thing now is recover sensations and that the body is activated again. “I don't have a stationary bike, I haven't been able to do anything aerobic. Of course, I had to go out with a mask to run and that gives tremendous heat. Above now that it will be more and more intense, it will be complicated. After a month stopped I did nothing, half an hour and at a slow pace; It was a tremendous feeling, I ended up dusty, but how good, what you win. It was something routine, but it is that they take it out and it becomes very hard. You're going with that fear that things won't get complicated again. ”

All of Andorra is a 'runner'!

“There were a lot of people, you can't run at a very high pace either; you must keep your distance, the road is double and then we all go down on one side and we all go up on the other, you cannot go against the current. People really were happy, they saw people who surely had not gone out to run in their life”, On the layout of the roads.

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