News : "They are threatening me with a spear!"

News :

"They are threatening me with a spear!"

It seems a joke, but it is not. It happened yesterday, Wednesday, August 12, during the course of the javelin throw test in the men's category, a control organized by the Sabadell Athletic Youth at the Josep Molins athletics tracks in the same town, so that athletes compete in this atypical season marked by the Covid19 pandemic.

Many eagerness on the part of athletes to test their fitness and not leave this season in the open air in a blank. The test was held behind closed doors with exclusive access for participants, judges and coaches.

The organization of the event, visibly overwhelmed in the application of preventive hygienic and sanitary measures, controlled the capacity in the facilities, leaving the athletes with practically no time to access to carry out their previous warm-up. The nerves between athletes, coaches and organization personnel were on the surface.

"They are threatening me with a spear!"

During this tense wait, one of the technicians of the facilities visibly upset began to shout that they were "Threatening with a spear" and that "the mossos are going to come and they are going to find out”All this under the incredulous gaze of the participants who gathered at the access control to the slopes.

Jesús Castillo, Cornellà Atletic athlete who was doing the javelin throwing contest we recounts what happened after the police intervention on the athletics tracks, in a new atypical situation that the new normal is leaving us.

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