News : They hunt Rajoy bypassing the confinement to do a morning jog

News :

They hunt Rajoy bypassing the confinement to do a morning jog

Rajoy, hunted doing sports during confinement

No, it is not a de El Mundo Today ’news. And no, it is not to be mocked. Former Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has been 'hunted' by the cameras, skipping the confinement and leaving home to exercise outside of his Madrid home. According to images that 'La Sexta' has released, some residents have complained after seeing a face as well-known as that of the ex-leader of the Popular Party going out to do a walk or jog for a while, something that has been practiced since time immemorial. Rajoy.

The neighbors, annoyed

The alarm decree does not allow practicing sports on the street and only allows outings to make essential purchases, to go to work to companies that can work or to medical centers, and that is why the surrounding people have protested your neighbor's attitude.

In the video recorded by the La Sexta team, it can be seen that the former ‘popular’ leader takes to the streets dressed in sneakers, sweatpants and a raincoat. In addition, in none of the scenes carry plastic bags with which you can justify your trips to make the purchase. There are already several episodes of people practicing outdoor sports in full confinement ...

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