News : They invalidate Moen's European Record for sneakers!

News :

They invalidate Moen's European Record for sneakers!

Hard setback for Moen for the sneakers

Sondre Nordstad Moen achieved a couple of days ago at the Kristiansand Stadium in Karihola, in his native Norway, the European Record for the hour on track. In fact, he destroyed it after running almost 53 laps on 3rd fairway (Moen reached 21,131 meters in those 60 minutes and surpassed the Dutchman Jos Hermens's 20,944). Sondre, who resides most of the year in Kenya, already two months ago took the best European record in the history of the 25,000 meters, which he set in 1:12:46.

You applied for a medical exemption

Well, that record achieved in his native country has been invalidated by World Ahletics for the use of the Vaporfly. Within this conflict that we have burning over the issue of shoes (and that the other day already left us a disqualified in Sweden due to the thickness of the sole), it seems that the federations are getting serious and in the case of Moen they are It is an unprecedented measure by invalidating an entire European record. According to the account on his Twitter account, the athletics specialist Óscar Fernández, apparently the athlete himself had asked the World Athletics for an exemption from the rule that has been implemented by the highest international body with respect to shoes on the track. Sondre asked for an exemption for medical reasons (they consider that the athlete needs some time to adapt to the new shoe).

The medical exemption request was approved and presented by the national team doctor, but no response came from the WA, which has invalidated the mark on Monday. “You cannot change your shoe 3 days before, just as a skier does not change the length of his polesBefore competing, or a biathlete with a weapon ”, commented the Manager of the Norwegian Federation. We will see what it remains ...

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