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Thin face: best tricks and exercises

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How to slim down the face is one of the concerns of thousands of men and women who have a round face and they want to fine-tune it to make it look more streamlined. But can you really slim face Without losing weight on the rest of the body? Are there tricks that we can apply to hide the round face?

How to slim the face: is this possible?

We will be brief in giving you an answer:

Yes, it is possible to lose weight. But not how you think.

There are millions of articles and videos that recommend certain techniques to slim the face that, honestly, are useless.

Losing fat from a single part of the body is complicated and the only way to achieve this is by exercising and burning fat from the entire body, as well as incorporating a healthy diet to lose weight and lose weight by eating well.

Diet and exercises to slim the face

We are not going to deceive ourselves. We already know that losing weight by parts is complicated, but it is possible to slim down the round face by practicing cardiovascular exercise and burning fat in general.

Get into a daily cardiovascular routine: go for a run, jog, do burpees, nothing, get on the elliptical bike or on the treadmill ... any fat burning exercise is worth it. If you want, you can see which sport burns the most calories here.

The combination of cardiovascular exercise and a good diet that does not include fats will help you reduce the contour of your face and make it appear less round.

In addition, drink plenty of water, it is essential in any weight loss diet to consume at least 2.5 liters of water a day.

When you lose a few kilos you will see how you notice that your cheeks are deflated and that your face begins to be thinner and less round than before. Of course, do not forget to apply some anti-wrinkle or anti-sagging cream to avoid hanging skin caused by weight loss.

And do not be fooled, there are no facial exercises that help you lose weight. You simply have to eliminate body fat.

As for the diet to lose weight, it is best to start eating foods with which you can speed up your metabolism and lose weight fast. Some tips that you should put into practice in your diet to lose face are the following:

  • Decrease daily calorie consumption (do not fall short if you are going to play sports and burn them or you will starve).
  • Reduce the consumption of carbohydrates and ultraprocessed.
  • Incorporate nutritious foods in your diet: fiber, oats, whole wheat bread, fruits, vegetables, etc. Think about nutrients!
  • Drink a lot of water.
  • Practice cardiovascular exercise daily to burn calories.

Beauty tips to lose weight

Apart from diet and exercises to lose weight, there are certain myths when it comes to solving the question "how to slim the face". We discuss them below.

Best creams

There are no really effective face slimming creams. What is true is that you have to burn fat and lose weight and that this leads to the appearance of sagging skin if you do not remedy it. For that, you can use moisturizing and firming creams, but not only on the face, but throughout the body.

If you are going to lose several kilos we recommend applying firming cream from the first day to avoid hanging skin, but do not sell miraculous creams to lose face because its effectiveness is not proven.

In any case, we recommend you read our article on firming the skin after losing weight for more information.

Best hairstyles

When styling, it is also important that you consider the shape of your face. For example, it is not recommended to wear the hair close to the face because it gives a rounder face feeling. Pick it up or off to the side, move it away from your face and you will get a "finer" effect and a feeling of less volume.

It is also not recommended to put the hair behind the ears and you can use long layers when cutting your hair, this way you will hide the round face.

A hairstyle that goes well with all face types and masks rounder faces is straight hair that is shoulder length. Simple and easy.

Thin face with makeup

It is the foolproof trick while losing weight to fine-tune your face. You simply need a good makeup to stylize your face, a brush and the best technique to slim down your face and shape your cheekbones.

Simply, it is to hide the round face with contour, which is basically to use two shades of base, one darker than the other, and apply them to the lower area of ​​the cheekbones.

For these things it is best to watch a tutorial on YouTube, that makeup is not our thing.

And so far our tips to slim the face. Are you going to start your diet and sports routine to burn fat and sharpen your face or will you continue buying creams and doing facial exercises that are useless?

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