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Third Football League - long distance running with obstacles - sports

The deep crisis of the Würzburger Kickers obviously goes back to the psyche.

It is not known whether Michael Schiele tasted the coffee on Sunday morning. The coach of the football third division Würzburger Kickers, at least as much as you know, is basically a coffee lover - but these days is little as it is otherwise.

Football can be the most beautiful thing in the world, but never the worst. If football is tough and depressing, if it pushes its observers, so if it is terrible, then man tends to consider him as a major thing. In Würzburg, for example, one can scarcely resist this impression. Now days have dawned on which football seems to be so much more than just a game, days when football may even drive you away for coffee. To understand how it could have come to pass, you just have to take the press conference of last Saturday to heart. Schiele, 41, was sitting in the small press room of the Würzburg Stadium, staring around in the circle, apathetic, with no emotion on his face. His team had just lost 2-0 against FSV Zwickau, and if it needed any proof, it was clear: yes, the Kickers are in crisis, and the crisis, it is deep and puzzling.

It is only three weeks ago that Würzburg 1899 Hoffenheim showed in stages and only on penalties 4: 5 lost. And even if it is hardly possible to develop the same emotionality and dynamism in everyday 90 minutes against an opponent such as Zwickau, so now the question arises: could not the DFB Cup match against the Bundesliga have been a signal? Had the rousing performance not had to carry the team through the next weeks, especially since they also won 3: 2 against Prussia Munster seven days later?

v left Albion Vrenezi FC Wuerzburger Kickers Patrick Sontheimer FC Wuerzburger Kickers Daniel Ha; Kickers

Fully served: Albion Vrenezi, Patrick Sontheimer and Daniel Hägele (from left) after the 0-2 in the home game against Zwickau.

(Photo: Frank Scheuring / imago)

One could say: well, Würzburg has just undergone a change. That takes time, the farewell of numerous top performers, the team has just taken too much - but that's not true. That defensive midfielder Janik Bachmann has gone to 1. FC Kaiserslautern may indeed have hit the Kickers hard; It has long been recognized that this team has above-average potential for the third league. Who sees how Luke Hemmerich and Fabio Kaufmann harmonize on the right wing, who sees what football assets Daniel Hägele and Patrick Sontheimer bring, who sees what physical presence Luca Pfeiffer has in attack, who sees all this, can not the suitability question the player. That the Würzburgers have collected just six points after seven games and are on a relegation zone, must therefore be due to their psyche. And because the crisis of a team is always the crisis of their coach, Schiele is now required.

A few weeks ago, those responsible announced that they would return to the second Bundesliga in the next six years. The association sees the collaboration with Schiele as a very long-distance run, a project that is not defined solely by its current success. Nevertheless, Schiele now has to find a solution.

In his nearly two-year term, Würzburg coach has already mastered many a crisis, and he is confident this time. Schiele is likely to have an idea of ​​how to get his team on the right track. Maybe he will relieve Eric Verstappen of the confidence and replace the goalkeeper, maybe he degrades a regular player.

The round of 16 in the Toto Cup

Aubstadt - Würzburger Kickers Tues., 5.30 pm

DJK Vilzing - SV Heimstetten Tue., 5.30 pm

SV Schalding-H. - VfR Garching Tues., 5.30 pm

TSV Dachau - 1860 Munich Tue, 17.30 clock

Schweinfurt 05 - FC Ingolstadt Tue, 6.00 pm

E. Bamberg - V. Aschaffenburg Tue, 7 pm

Türkg. Munich - Unterhaching Wed., 7 pm

FC Memmingen - FV Illertissen 10.9., 7.30 pm

Maybe he does not do either one and the other and just relies on Simon Rhein, 21, the defensive midfielder, who the Kickers signed on Monday until the end of the season on loan from the second division club 1. FC Nürnberg. There Rhein collected a few Bundesliga appearances, came under the new coach Damir Canadi but no longer the train.

Schiele, it can be assumed, has a plan - but time is pressing. Already this Tuesday (17.30 clock) meet the Kickers in the national cup on the last so successful regional league TSV Aubstadt. It's about a place in the quarter-finals, so everything. Football is so much more than just a game.

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