News : "This earthquake is going to destroy much of our sport"

News :

"This earthquake is going to destroy much of our sport"

Raúl Chapado, in a file image / EFE

The president of the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation Raúl Chapado He submitted to questions from the former athlete and television commentator Juan Carlos Higuero, who is conducting an interesting ‘tournée’ with top-notch athletes from our country to find out how they are handling confinement and to touch on all current issues. In the case of the maximum president of the federal athletic entity, the statements were the least forceful to analyze the moment we are experiencing and the impact it will have in the short-term future.

Strong on the situation

“I am going to be tremendously honest with what we are experiencing, on a sporting level. I like to define this situation as that we are experiencing an earthquake of the highest degree. I say earthquake because there will be aftershocks and this earthquake will destroy much of the structure and sports fabric. It is affecting everyone. Public administrations will have to dedicate their efforts to priority things, ”he assured. In this way, it will be time to reinvent itself: “There is a latent economic crisis, sports and athletics are not going to be oblivious to all this. The year 2021 will be even worse. We have to face reality with courage, we can wait quietly or consider that this challenge generates a great opportunity. ”

“It is a great time to refound the principles of our sport. There is a new world and this new world needs a new athletics. The refoundation must be for everyone and the human dimension of sport must extend its radius of action, create alliances with the sports industry. There will be no funds, if we stay still we will have a large mortgage and we will have stayed in the caboose, "he added about the outlook ahead and the position that all the agents that make up Spanish sport should adopt.

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