News : "This has expiration date and when I have to go, I'll go"

News :

"This has expiration date and when I have to go, I'll go"

Kevin López Yerga (Sevilla, 06/12/1990) has seen them in all colors. He is a tartan 'worker', an experienced athlete, but at the same time an example of how to keep alive the flame of passion and motivation. The Andalusian, whom we interviewed on the Radio del Corredor a year ago in full Viacrucis for his injuries, has once again seen the light and felt alive. With the minimums for Doha and Tokyo in his pocket, his main goal is to continue becoming "1,500 athlete", as he likes to refer to this reconversion process that began a few months ago after triumph in the 800. On the Stock Exchange of the Corridor we hunt Kevin during his stay in Barcelona to run the Meeting (in which, by the way, he left with discomfort, nothing important) and we had a chat with him. Touch more songs in such a short time, difficult.

Have you seriously considered returning to 800?

"There are many who have encouraged me to back down and return to 800, but the truth is that I was becoming monotonous, always with the same goal with the same result. I was a little bored and that made me reach the track and I lacked motivation. I have not felt pressured either, it has been more the amateur. But the 1,500 offers me a challenge, a growth. I told myself I had to go for the distance with everything. I still lack certain things to be a good athlete of 1,500. "

How was that carrer in Lausanne?

"I was convinced that in Lausanne I had to keep up the pace. It was an excessively fast race and in which I placed myself behind and held until the last 300. In Marseille a few days before the approach was wrong, it was a very dirty race. My brand was not real. The one in Lausanne was perfect. "

"I tend to be very sure of myself when we are talking about running in a particular brand. I usually know how I am in shape and I knew I was very well. Maybe I expected a 3:35, but go, I do not usually go insecure. He knew that if he fulfilled his expectations it was simply a matter of enduring. Previous injuries have generated some insecurity, especially in training, but that happened and I worked a lot, with many concentrations at altitude. "

Does doping come from the obsession to win or win?

"I believe that illicit practices, doping, are simply people who have to win at all costs, with a very high ego, who do not allow themselves to be second. A better person arrives, wins and resorts to it. They do not accept that they are getting older, that they lose speed. I believe that no doped does it for the simple fact of getting older or not arriving. The problem is not understanding the evolution of things. Society also makes us like that. The doping is a frustrated winner. "

What does Kevin López have on the horizon?

"I have learned to look at the short term. You can not think long term because you do not know what will happen. I learned it in Rio. The objective is to prepare the Spanish Championship and then focus on the World Cup. It is clear that the Tokyo thing makes me very excited, but I have very important goals this year ahead. "

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