News : This is how Bekele prepares the London Marathon: solo workouts

News : This is how Bekele prepares the London Marathon: solo workouts

Bekele, training to prepare for the London Marathon / Global Sports Communication

We are stealthily approaching one of the most important events of this 2020 marked absolutely by the coronavirus pandemic and which has deprived us of enjoying some of the most exciting elite races on the athletic calendar. With restrictions, with circuit modifications, with a ‘bubble’ to protect the participants and avoid contact with the outside and with public limitations, but the London Marathon, one of the great ones, will be held on October 4 at the English capital. And it will feature a cast of stars led by the two best marathoners of the moment (and perhaps in history) such as Eliud Kipchoge and Kenenisa Bekele.

Nothing new for Kenenisa

One of the protagonists, Bekele, double Olympic champion in Athens ’04 and Beijing ’08, has spoken for the Kenyan ‘Nation’. Kenenisa, who a year ago now stayed two seconds from the world record of Kipchoge in Berlin, has commented on the context of the coronavirus pandemic and the restrictions suffered in the world that “This (training only during the coronavirus lockdown) was not new to me. I had some serious injuries in my career and during those moments I had to train just to get a good performance again ”.

I have a lot of respect for Eliud. We have been rivals for a long time; He is a great ambassador for our sport ”, says Bekele, owning a resort and a private synthetic track in Sululta, on the outskirts of Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian capital. The 40th edition of the London Marathon will be held in a totally new format in which There will be almost 20 laps of just over two kilometers in Saint James’s Park from the British city. Kenenisa assures that it gives him extra motivation to face that series of rivals of such a high level and, above all, with Kipchoge. “It gives me great motivation, to run in one of the best marathons in the world against the best athletes. I push myself, I want it to be my best race ”.

This is how you have prepared the test

“Setting world records is not easy and it is difficult to predict what is possible. But when we watch Kipchoge’s sub two hours, we know that anything is possible ”, says Kenenisa. “Preparations have been good so far, but not great due to the confinement here in Ethiopia. I had to be creative, but I’m healthy and the training is going well now. During the confinement it was not easy to do my normal training ”. “I had to adapt my training program with more alternative sessions, such as cycling and training in the gym to stay in shape with my team supporting me as always.”

“I was well prepared for the London Marathon in April, but as an athlete you need to be ready and flexible so I focused in October and continued my training. For an athlete it is very important to see and hear people cheering you on, it gives you morale, but I know that they will be there to encourage us on television ”, analyzes the Ethiopian, who assures that“ eThe course is totally different and you can never predict the weather and circumstances, but I really like to run laps like track races that I have done before. So I don’t know if there will be faster times, but we hope for the best. ” It seems that there is plenty of attitude …

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