News : This is how the great revelation of the European of Torun was created

News : This is how the great revelation of the European of Torun was created

Asier Martínez, during a European in Torun in which he shone / EFE

It was one of the great revelations of the European of Torun. At the age of 20, in his first international championship as an absolute, this 1.90-meter-tall Navarrese planted himself in the Polish city unceremoniously and was able to advance rounds, stand in the grand final of the 60 hurdles and pulverize his best personal brand. Sharing the starting grid with some such Belocian, Pozzi or Dal Molin. Almost nothing. But it is not only that of Zizur was satisfied with that. Although he did not make a great start (one of his weak points and one that he is trying to improve), the one from Grupoempleo Pamplona Atlético was beating rivals, fence by fence, coming back, until finishing fourth, only four hundredths behind bronze and only by behind the three big favorites. Spectacular.

How spectacular was the reception they gave him at the same station in Pamplona, ​​after a very long journey of more than 20 hours, his teammates and his ‘crew’, who wanted to surprise him after his recital in Torun. Flares, courting, chants. Asier could not contain the emotion. He had experienced many things in a short space of time and everything also came out. At the Bolsa del Corredor we chatted with François Beroringyan’s pupil, this Frenchman who is doing magic with the Navarrese team.

What a welcome upon your arrival in Pamplona …

“It was all thanks to my crew and my training group together with my family, I wasn’t expecting it at all. Around 20 hours we need to get from Torun to Pamplona, ​​it was very hard but it was worth the arrival ”.

With what expectations did you leave and how did you come back from Torun?

“We knew that the work that my coach and I had done was good that the physical and technical form was optimal and that we had to fight everything there, get what we had at that moment, the most important of the season. Let that take us where it was and the truth is that I was very happy with the result. I did not mark anything at the level of results. I knew I could reach the final, although it was going to be very expensive. I wasn’t expecting this fourth place at all. Seeing that final result on the track scoreboard was a rush ”.

You’ve put yourself on the map, Asier.

“I tell you, I myself did not expect this. I imagine that for people that I am a little alien to them, even more so. It was almost a dream to see myself there with the best, an award that I had dreamed of so many times. Seeing me there fighting on top and showing my level was something that I will never forget and it means a lot to me ”.

How were those moments before the final?

“It helped me a lot before the final to have my teammate Kike Llopis at my side. It made my wait more enjoyable and got that pre-race relaxation that helped me a lot. I am very grateful for it. I think that change of mentality has also influenced, facing the races with a lower tension point, I think that could have been key in this championship ”.

How was that experience with the team in your first absolute international call-up?

“Despite being a bit atomized with the pandemic situation, the atmosphere was very good, colleagues were very supportive. I lived it right after that final, that people I have followed since I was little like the 400 meter dash, the girls hurdles and such, seeing that they supported you in those moments that are so important to me was very nice ”.

How was the qualification for the final, the strategy?

“Talking with François we identified that the start was going to be key, that it would be what would determine that access to the final. If the start was good and I joined that usual second half, I could have a good mark and I could go to the final ”.

François has commented that perhaps many have been surprised by your performance, but not him …

“Well, I totally trust François and his eye and if he says that I will have to believe it. I already told you that for me it was surprising and I did not believe it myself ”.

Kike Llopis and you are the future of fences. How is that rivalry and your relationship?

“Well, I think it’s something very nice because Kike and I have shared many moments on and off the track that we haven’t shared with anyone. All those experiences I think have marked the relationship we have and I think that we both fully appreciate the work that the other does on a daily basis. In each championship, in each national, international competition. We support each other and that is to be appreciated ”.

What does the figure of Orlando Ortega mean to you?

“For me Orlando Ortega is a benchmark, someone whom I have always followed and that every competition that he does well I follow and support him from home and that he fixes and supports us means a lot. The truth is that I notice him in every aspect. We have always seen him compete in that way and at those levels and it is to idolize every aspect of him ”.

What aspects do you try to improve and work more with François?

“Especially right now we try to get the most out of those first hurdles, knowing that this second half is good. Continue to maintain that second half and try to unite it with a slightly more optimal start ”.

How have you seen all this controversy with the exit reaction time and disqualifications?

“The truth is that I fully trust the regulations but at the same time I think that all these rules must evolve and investigate if someone can really react below 100 thousandths. It seems that it is possible and it should be specified in a more empirical way and that this serves as a norm. I don’t know how you can improve the reaction time, it’s a matter of the nervous system. I imagine that there will be procedures to make it as optimal as possible, but to this day I don’t know. “

How did you decide on the fences?

“Well, it was the total criterion of my coach and today I am very grateful to him. He saw that he had a facility with the fences and that the height was not possibly the test that suited me best and we decided to bet entirely on the fences. I have always done athletics, my parents were athletes (in fact my father still is), so I have always practiced it and I was hooked since I was little. That relationship my parents had with athletics was passed on to me. I would say that my father is the one who follows athletics and my sports career the most. My mother in her day also lived hers, but I would say that it is my father who lives that career the most. Obviously my mother too ”.

You study political science. We have to ask you why.

“I have always liked reading, current affairs and such and then I have really liked philosophy. Seeing a bit of these concerns, I decided to study political science. I am in the third grade, everything is going well and in principle I have a year left to finish. The truth is that I have not considered anything about the future. Today I would like to continue enjoying athletics and in the future I will have to opt for something professional, but I couldn’t tell you ”.

How is a normal week for Asier Martínez?

“From Monday to Wednesday and even Thursday I am usually in Bilbao, training and studying at the same time. Fridays and Saturdays is when I go to Pamplona to train with my coach. It is usually hard because in Bilbao I train alone, but I also think that it also gives me a maturity and psychological point that is good. I usually keep the technical aspect to work with him and the more physical subject I usually work in Bilbao alone ”.

What a great team you form the Grupompleo Pamplona Atlético, Asier …

“It is something very, very close, that each one of us lives the sporting merit of the one next door as if it were his own and that is seen every day, every championship. It is the most positive of Navarrese athletics. To be such a small community we get that number of medals and it says a lot ”.

There has been a lot of talk about the fact that you did not train indoors to prepare for the Torun European Championship. Do you wonder how it would have been without that handicap?

“I don’t like to give it importance because I believe, and in the group we have talked about it many times, that we should try to face the training sessions with what we have and get the positive aspect and face it without the need for excuses. But yes, there is a clear need for an indoor arena and we are not being provided with it. The truth is that I am not considering leaving Navarra. My place is here, the especially affective environment is perfect and I think that is what we have to value in addition to the sports infrastructure ”.

What goals do you set for the remainder of 2021?

“I focus on trying to demonstrate the level that we have shown on the indoor track in the open air. Show that the work we do is necessary. Well, I think Tokyo still catches me far away and the objective is going to be those U23 European Championships and that’s where we are going to have to fight and get everything we have ”.

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