News : This is how the UTMB will be held, which returns after a year of absence

News : This is how the UTMB will be held, which returns after a year of absence

The UTMB goes with everything from 23-29 August

It is considered the most emblematic mountain race in the world. The cradle of all ‘trail runners’, the holy grail of mountain running lovers, the balcony of the world of ‘ultras’. Starting from the beautiful French town of Chamonix and passing through this part of the Alps where runners cross the French country, Italy and Switzerland, the Montblanc Ultra Trail returns after a year of hiatus due to the pandemic of COVID.

One of the most anticipated laps in an almost impossible access test (by ranking and draw), with endless waiting lists. Everyone dreams of running it sometime in life. It is true that this summer the ‘mountaineers’ will have the novelty about a month before running the Val D’Aran by UTMB, this new race attached to the UTMB circuit that opens in a territory as spectacular as it is inhospitable in the Aran Valley.

At the end of August with some restrictions

In any case, the ‘alma mater’ of the circuit It will be held from August 23 to 26 with all certainty after the last update of measures by the French government. It will be held, but obviously it will continue to be marked by the coronavirus and by a series of restrictions to preserve the health of the participants. To get started, The use of a mask will be mandatory on departure and arrival. Runners will also be advised to wear it at the entrance and exit of the refreshment points, where there will not be the usual ‘self-service’, but each one will have their own provisions (it will be mandatory to wash their hands before and after ).

Avoid crowds

The proof will begin, like all those celebrated in times of pandemic, in waves. This will avoid large crowds, since the presence of the public will also be restricted, especially in the town of Chamonix, where the departure and arrival are usually crazy (during the journey it may also be limited depending on the measures at that time in each country ).

The issue of traveling is another concern. The French government will establish from next June 5 a ‘health pass’ (it will be approved by the European Union, go), thanks to which runners from all over the world (not only from the European Union) will be able to travel and prove that they are vaccinated. The health pass will be mandatory in France for anyone participating in massive events of more than 1,000 participants. There will be three ways to ‘prove’: to be vaccinated in full schedule, to present a recent negative PCR or to demonstrate that the disease has passed in a recent period.

For more information, check the official UTMB protocol HERE.

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