News : This is the calendar of great marathons

News :

This is the calendar of great marathons

Image of the Boston Marathon, to be held in September

It costs a lot, a lot, to see the light at the end of this tunnel that we got into almost without knowing that we were entering it and from which it seems that we will be leaving very very progressively. The coronavirus crisis hit us squarely and has dragged a whole host of measures and restrictions that have affected all fields and our normal routine. Regarding sport, right now it is prohibited to practice it outside the walls of our home, either alone or in a group. This total confinement does not give rise to concessions and it looks like we will still have to keep greasing our rollers and improvising fitness rooms between our salons and toilets.

Let the imagination fly

But it is nice to let your imagination run wild and move to other settings. Experts say sporting events with large masses of people will still take time to resume, as do theaters or cinemas. Dwe will have to get used these first months to carry out activities in small groups. It is said that until autumn, events may not be open to a large audience. That is why with the marathons and races that have been suspended this spring and moved to autumn (generally from the month of September) we can rework the calendar and affirm that it seems it will be a few months of authentic madness.


Let's start with the month of September despite the fact that there are many marathons that are still scheduled for August, a date that is difficult to confirm right now. None of them considered TOP. In this month the first races of consideration arrive. On the 14th one of the ‘Majors’ and most anticipated, the Boston Marathon. Then they will come, for example, the Sydney Marathon (19) or the Buenos Aires Marathon (day 20); but the first main course really will be the 27th with the Berlin Marathon, headquarters of seven of the 10 best brands of all time in the 42 kilometers. There Kipchoge achieved the current World Record and there Bekele stayed in 2019 just two seconds away from that brand.


It seems that it will be the most loaded month between those that were already scheduled and those that have moved to that date that initially had to be held in the spring. Thus, on the 10th another of the ‘Majors’ will arrive, the Virgin Money London Marathon that he had to come on April 26. The best two, Bekele and Kipchoge, were summoned to duel there, but right now we don't know if their contract will 'bind' them to maintain that participation. A day later (11) another ‘Major’ (something unheard of) is scheduled, such as Chicago Marathon. As always, on a Monday night. There, Kosgei achieved the Women's World Record in 2019.

In Spain, for example, we have the Ibiza Marathon (day 3), the Logroño and La Coruña (4) or the Palma (11) in this first part of the month. If we continue in October, the Manchester Marathon (11), the Lisbon Marathon (11) or the Munich Marathon (11) will still arrive. The 18 will be played in Amsterdam, with a gold label and, in turn, the Paris, another large with a gold label. And, in turn, another important one like that of Toronto. By the end of the month we will have the Bilbao nightclub (day 24) and that of Barcelona, ​​the first to be canceled in Spain and that it will run (all in principle) on Sunday 25 (like the one in Alcalá de Henares). Also on the 25th there will be another mythical one like Rotterdam.


There will also be a lot of hustle. One of the ‘Majors’ will arrive on the first day of the month: the New York Marathon. Then perhaps less important tests such as that of Yokohama (day 1), Sao Paulo (2), Athens (8) or Porto (8). On the 15th the Rock’n Roll Madrid Marathon (average and 10k), while on the 29th another mythical one will be played in Spain such as that of San Sebastián and also that of Osaka.


In that start of the last month of the year, one of the tests that has grown the most recently and that will debut a platinum label will arrive: Valencia. It will be on the 6th. On the 11th it will be the turn of another big one such as Abu dhabi, while the 13 will be the turn of the Malaga.

Outside the autumn period, some large ones still survive (without 100% guarantee that they will be able to celebrate), such as the Ottawa Marathon (Japan), scheduled for May 24. In addition, mythical ones such as the Vienna Marathon or the Prague Marathon are canceled and it is possible that they will no longer be held in 2020.

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