News : This is the 'High Performance Center' where Marta Galimany trains

News :

This is the 'High Performance Center' where Marta Galimany trains

Marta Galimany can do practically everything in her private CAR

Our professional athletes have been working for more than ‘engineers ’than athletes for weeks trying to save the exceptional situation we are experiencing and adapt to the means around them to maintain their training as reliably as possible. The coronavirus crisis has made us confined at home for almost two months and Every high-level athlete (and athletes in general) has taken all the ingenuity to lose as little physical form as possible. Treadmills, rollers, weights, lounges, and bedrooms turned into fitness rooms - we've seen just about everything.

Galimany, a CAR to do almost the same as on the track

Now we are going to stop at something that has been "devised" by marathon runner Marta Galimany (who has an Olympic minimum and who should be fully preparing for the Tokyo Games right now if they had not been postponed) and her coach Jordi Toda. Is about a kind of ‘High Performance Center’, as they have called it, in which the athlete has multiple options to train and to cover all the facets and parts of the ‘planning’ that he has designed with Jordi in an almost religious way at the expense of the reopening of the Valls athletics track where he regularly exercises.

"The 'High Performance Center' is a bit of a joke that we have invented. But in any case It is ideal because we can do practically everything we did on the running track. We replaced the track and our usual facilities with an abandoned polygon here near Valls. When we warm up or do soft filming, we have roads that leave the polygon, which also belongs to a municipal area of ​​less than 5,000 inhabitants, so if we come across someone they see it as completely normal and do not judge us, "says Jordi. All

“On the roads, I am afraid of warming up and filming, and when we have to play rhythms or interval training as we have today, we have a whole polygon for us with turns of one kilometer, two kilometers, straight lines of 300 meters… The idea is to adapt it. We have also loaded some material that we had at home, along with abandoned material that was there as well; It is very basic, but it allows us to do a bit of multi-jumping, pulleys ... There isn't much more. We try to do strength adapted to what we can do there and it doesn't differ much from what we would be doing strength on the track ”.

No short-term goals

"We're waiting for the athletics track to be used in Valls; There are possibilities from phase 1 when we enter and the truth is that the board has always helped us a lot. If I could train alone there with the track closed it would be great because we have it 50 meters from home; there we could do everything without even having to move. Until then we will continue in the polygon ”, Toda tells us.

Regarding competitions, he assures that “we cannot only program the 2021 Games because there is almost a year and a half left, so what we have done is maintain the objectives that we would have faced this year without the Games. For example, there was a European Half Marathon in August, the World Cup the same distance in October (which is still on the calendar, by the way) and we are going to work as if we had to face both. If there are finally competitions we will do them and if not, we will invent them, we will do some tests ourselves. We don't want to change the schedule from what we normally would have done. In the end the competition is only the day you are going to take the test to find out how you are progressing; Marta already has the minimum of the Games, so we do not have that imperial need to have tests to achieve the brand. The intention is for the body to experience as if nothing has changed. If the circumstances do not allow it, we will do it ”.

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