News : This will be the bubble in which the athletes in Valencia will ‘plunge’

News : This will be the bubble in which the athletes in Valencia will ‘plunge’

The athletes will undergo two tests, among many other things

December 6 is stealthily approaching, that date that we have marked in red on our calendar (it should be added that white predominates in a few months where there have been hardly any competitions or tests) and in which many of the best athletes in the world will go out to the streets of Valencia looking for personal marks, Olympic minimums, circuit records … and who knows if something else. The Trinidad Alfonso EDP Foundation Valencia Marathon and Media will be held one after the other. 8:00 and 8:30 in what will be one of the biggest athletic parties in history. Obviously, only the public and the popular ones are missing to make it something round and unique.

In the context of a pandemic in which we find ourselves, the organization has drawn up a detailed plan so that the risk of contagion or exposure to the coronavirus is practically non-existent. In our talk with Juan Botella, manager of the SD Correcaminos, organizing club, we asked him about this fact, what will the ‘bubble’ be like in which athletes will enter as soon as they set foot in Valencia from almost every corner of the world.

Two PCR tests

“First of all, we want everyone, especially foreigners, to know what the decrees and sanitary regulations are in force in Spanish territory. Being a very cosmopolitan marathon, perhaps not everyone has these regulations. The second is that the athletes will be double controlled with PCR the week of the test to avoid as much as possible that there is an error or any positive escapes us since there are many asymptomatic and many athletes can pass the coronavirus without knowing absolutely anything, ”says Botella about those two PCR tests that will be forced to pass.

They will only go out to train

But there is much more. “The corridors who are in hotels will be locked in their rooms, food will even be served there, the technical meeting will be telematic (via streaming) and They will only go out to train and take the PCR test in the hotel itself without having to leave, so they will have a severe isolation regime. Then the Valencian runners are being asked to reproduce this isolation as much as possible and limit contacts these days, ”explained Botella.


“In addition, we are going to have a medical platform that will guarantee us information on the traceability of each of the athletes and their companions. It will allow us to know when and where the athlete arrived in Valencia, with whom. So if there was a positive we could isolate the people who have had contact. In addition, the athletes will also be in individual rooms so that if one tests positive, the smallest possible number of runners must be isolated. We also have a Movistar technological device so that volunteers and organizers do not lower our guard at any time. A device that will warn us with a beep if we are less than two meters with another person ”, clarifies the manager of the SD Correcaminos. Brutal how everything is prepared in detail.

“So much the start and the finish line will be isolated from the public to preserve security. We are apologizing to the fans, but this time they cannot take to the streets to cheer. Those who are lucky and have the balconies focused on the circuit will be able to do it, of course ”.

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