News : This will be the most transgressive Spanish Championship in history

News :

This will be the most transgressive Spanish Championship in history

Fernando Carro, in the new Vallehermoso stadium / EFE

Faced with a ‘new normality’, new solutions. The president of the RFEA Raúl Chapado had already commented a few weeks ago that there were several possibilities on the table regarding the Spanish Outdoor Championship of this 2020, but that with complete certainty was not going to be like the previous 99 (it celebrates its 100th edition ). Well, there is already a white smoke.

The Ordinary General Assembly of the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation has approved this Sunday, for the first time in its hundred years of history, the budgets, the measures to stimulate Spanish athletics and the restructuring of the 2020 calendar, a measure that will that the Spanish Championship be held at various venues in the Community of Madrid in September.

September 12-13 at four venues

During the assembly, which began with an emotional minute of silence in memory of those who died during the coronavirus pandemic, the modification of the 2020 calendar was approved, interrupted since March 8. Thus, the innovative format for the 100th edition of the Spanish and Club Championship was accepted, which It will take place in four locations (Madrid-Getafe) on September 12 and 13. "History will remember it as that time the Spanish Championship was held in one venue, in four stadiums," said RFEA President Raúl Chapado.

In another order of things, Chapado highlighted the “economic solvency” of the year 2019, the good international results with 48 medals, as well as the great championships held by the U-18, U-20 and U-23 athletes. He also highlighted the work of the coaching establishment, which has added "seven professional contracts", and the increase in European Athletics and World Athletics labels by Spanish organizers.

35% budget reduction

In addition, a budget of 8.5 million euros was approved for 2020, which means a 35% reduction (4.5 million euros) on the budget executed in 2019, and 5.5 million euros on the budget forecast for this year, due to the impact of the COVID-19 crisis. Even so, a budget forecast with a surplus of 152,219.67 euros is released, and the debt with the Higher Sports Council (CSD) has been canceled.

Plating also presented a series of stimulus measures to protect the different levels of Spanish athletics. "These are tough times for the RFEA, but it is time to be empathetic and supportive and that all efforts are going to protect the structures of our sport," he said.

As for athletes, the aid system is maintained, with the possibility of expanding them to compensate for the extra expenses that may have been generated by the COVID-19 crisis. Too there will be aid for coaches and clubs, and 10% of the income of the RFEA will be destined for national licenses from judges to training programs and 10% of the total income from the processing of national trainers licenses for their training.

Digital transformation

For the organizers, aid measures are established such as the 2020 quota bonus - if it could not be organized - for the years 2021, 2022 and 2023, as well as 2020 payment facilities per day license. Athlete representatives will be given a 50% bonus of the 2021 license fee.

"It is key to undertake a global digital transformation that improves our connectivity, our interdependence and our services. We must unlearn how to manage ourselves as disconnected entities or individuals, and learn how to manage ourselves as a sport, ”said Chapado regarding new technologies. "Even if these are hard times, if we are able to take this step, the new generations will thank us for having been brave in the first steps," he added.

It was also reported that the presidential elections of the RFEA will be held on November 27 and that the electoral process will begin on September 1.

Estimated own income for 2020 is reduced by 2.1 million euros, 41% in relation to that achieved in 2019. Despite the reduction, and in compliance with the Outcome Objective of the Viability Plan, a benefit of 152,219.67 euros, with a budget for 2020 of 8.5 million euros.

"Let's recognize and let's accept that these are times of change, that we must work for change, that we must become change and not wait to be changed. A year in which we become more united, instead of separating. 2020 is not canceled, 2020 is going to be the most important year in our history, which will allow us to face the future with courage and a vocation for change. Today more than ever, our wonderful sport must be an essential element in the development of our young people and our society ”, concluded Chapado.

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