News : This will be the resumption of professional sports activity

News :

This will be the resumption of professional sports activity

Kevin López, training before confinement

Despite the fact that everything has to go through the Health OK so that it gives the green light to start implementing it, the truth is that the Higher Sports Council has already prepared and sent to clubs and athletes a report on how professional sports activity should be resumed after confinement. At this time, the goals would be, for the leagues, to play behind closed doors and for individual athletes, to resume their professional activity, as in any other job (some with an Olympic perspective in the medium term).

The CSD gives four key points to understand why this start should be prioritized back to ‘normality’.

  1. Normalization of daily life: The suspension of competitions is a historical anomaly, with precedents only in periods of war. Playing professional football and basketball matches behind closed doors allows them to be broadcast on television. Seeing them at home brings us back to normal.
  2. Reputation of Spain: The two most internationally known Spanish brands are Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. In world sport, they are among the ten most valuable and influential.
  3. International representation: The DAN (high-level athletes) are a “national asset”, as representatives of Spain in international competitions, including the Olympic Games. Help them return in the best conditions.
  4. Economic problems: a public-private rescue. Soccer represents approximately 1.4% of GDP, and some 185,000 jobs (direct, indirect and induced), according to La Liga. In the post-covid era, soccer has to become the locomotive of sport. Soccer as the only private collaborator for the recovery of other sports.

Data to take into account the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on our sport:

  • The High Level Athletes (DAN) are about 5,000 in our country, identified with names and surnames, easy to submit to a health protocol.
  • Public facilities (High Performance and Modernization Centers) would be the first to open, as they could be more controlled. Private centers and clubs should perhaps wait for the next phase.
  • Concern of the sector to finish the competitions. There is a lot of money at stake, television rights, etc., and in the event that it cannot be finished, many could go through almost irreparable damage. Allow the return of competitions
    it means allowing your own collection of resources and limiting the
    dependence on the state.

Three main scenarios

This gradual return to professional sports activity has three phases / scenarios as indicated in the CSD report.

  1. Scenario 1: Return of the 5,000 DAN and professional clubs (First, Second and ACB) to basic training while respecting restrictions and health prevention. Outdoor training for athletes and opening of sports cities with maximum safety and minimum staff in clubs.
  2. Scenario 2: High Performance Centers opened (approximately 11,000 people). Mobility extended to the Autonomous Community. For clubs, second (average) phase of training.
  3. Scenario 3: Basic training for non-professional National Leagues at the state level (2nd B, Third and other collective sports). It brings together some 40,000 athletes and would be scheduled (according to a pandemic evolution) by the end of May.

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