News : Thomas Tuchel: It’s high time to marvel at his work – sport

News : Thomas Tuchel: It’s high time to marvel at his work – sport

The pictures for the frugal slogan “wheat beer is weekend” were taken in a pub called Dovedale Towers on the famous Penny Lane in Liverpool. The German viewer only gets to know about this if he deals extensively with the matter; for the purpose of advertising it is already sufficient that he recognizes the bearded man at the counter who is lifting the weekend wheat beer in a very relaxed pose. The campaign should hardly fail because of this: Jürgen Klopp’s level of awareness should be at least 99.9 percent in this country. Anyone who has not noticed him as the coach of Dortmund’s Borussia and Liverpool FC will encounter him as an ambassador for the beneficial consumer economy: Among other things, he does his best to promote the sale of cars, chocolate bars and financial products. Although Klopp has been working in England for six years, he remains a constant testimonial in everyday German life. A role model for Thomas Tuchel?

Tuchel has also been training top clubs in international football for a number of years, but he has left no trace on commercial television. That will probably not change much if he soon wins the highest prize in club football with Chelsea, the Champions League. Unlike Klopp, the 47-year-old Swabian with the high thinker forehead is not considered a humorous, authentic guy, and it would probably not be a smart sales idea to put him at the counter with a wheat beer.

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He learned from Trapattoni

At this point at the latest, however, the mistake should be prevented that Tuchel could only be used as an advertising medium for health food items or intellectual reading. Years ago, as a coach in Dortmund, he shocked the local traditionalists and the rest of the football world by systematically putting the BVB professionals on light diets, but even then the cliché of the possibly slightly crazy health apostle obscured the prospect of the whole truth. In Dortmund, too, the players were allowed to order pizza and kebab in good time. “A coach is not an idiot”: This sentence comes from Giovanni Trapattoni, and the clever Tuchel understood it long ago. Last but not least, the relationship problems with the club bosses during the two years in Dortmund were a good lesson for him.

After the sporty, successful, otherwise unattractive time at BVB, Tuchel did not go embittered, but because of circumstances abroad, where he expanded his already extraordinary repertoire. At the capricious nouveau riche club Paris Saint-Germain, he learned to deal with eccentric pop star players as well as with a club leadership that sets the highest standards. As in Dortmund, the charismatic trainer in Paris got along better with the divas in the dressing room than with the authorities in the stands. They retaliated by pulling him out at Christmas. In the old homeland, this was mentioned rather marginally: in the series of prominent top coaches with Jürgen Klopp, Hansi Flick and Julian Nagelsmann, Tuchel was still a quiet partner.

He has long been a top talent among top coaches, and he now has the advantage of his popular colleagues at home that he is at the summit of the Champions League for the second time in a row. Instead of speaking in French, he now communicates equally confidently in English. The expensive, but also very young and unfinished team of Chelsea FC, which he took over just a month after his dismissal in Paris, he formed into a disciplined, fascinatingly functional unit in record time. The style of the Chelsea game may seem a bit cold, but Tuchel’s interaction with the players is characterized by closeness and warmth. It is urgently about time that football Germany takes a closer look at Thomas Tuchel’s work.

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