News : Thompson’s tinted Vaporfly mess at marathon trials

News : Thompson’s tinted Vaporfly mess at marathon trials

Chris Thompson, with his Vaporfly tinted in the trials

It was one of the images of the weekend. See the winner of the United Kingdom Olympic Marathon Trials, Chris Thompson, entering the finish line with shoes completely painted black to cover the logo of the brand in question. Obviously everyone (or almost everyone) realized that it was a Nike Vaporfly. More than anything because in recent months we have seen them even in the soup and they have been the subject of permanent debate, so they are unmistakable. Thompson, 39, achieved his personal best (2:10:50) and direct ticket to the Olympics from Tokyo (although the test will be held in Sapporo).

A great comeback

Born in 1981, Thompson has a best half marathon time of 61:07 and 28:02 in the 10k and is one of the best British long-distance runners today and in the last decade. His achievements include a European silver in the 10,000 meters in Barcelona 2010 and a second position in the London Marathon in 2014 with a time of 2:11:19. Thompson was 35 ″ behind the leading group, formed by Dewi Griffiths, Ben Connor and Mo Aadan, but from km 35 he hunted them down and ended up winning. The same week he had been a dad.

Special ‘On’ permission

Going back to the shoe, apparently and according to ‘The Telegraph’, the brand that sponsors him, ON Running, gave him special permission to run these trials with the Vaporfly (tinted). On Running already has a model with a carbon plate, the Cloudboom, but it would not reach the performance of the Nike, Adidas or Asics. “It was a temporary solution to put him in pole position to be in the Tokyo Games,” a representative of ‘On’ assured the British newspaper.

This is the second time Thompson has worn Vaporfly tinted with his brand’s permission. It also happened in the Vitality Big-Half Marathon, where he achieved a personal best (61:07), being only behind Bekele in 2020. “It is a great group that wants the best for their athletes, so much so that today they did everything possible for me,” said Thompson after the test, who always poses at the awards and in the post-race with his ‘On’, yes.

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