News : Those sanctioned for doping, great beneficiaries of the coronavirus

News :

Those sanctioned for doping, great beneficiaries of the coronavirus

Kiptum is serving a sanction for anti-doping code violation

In the same way that ordinary people, elite athletes, 'amateurs' and all groups are suffering, this confinement and 'confinement' at home due to the coronavirus crisis that is lengthening much more than expected initials is affecting us in every way. It is difficult to maintain physical activity at home and the elite not being able to roll and step on the tartan is obviously causing the logical setback at the level of preparation, but also in terms of hormone segregation and being emotionally ready for the competition. And that is not earned later in a couple of weeks. But not for all athletes this whole crisis has been bad news of the coronavirus.


The Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU) ensures that There are 200 athletes currently sanctioned for testing positive or for skipping anti-doping controls, and of these, about 40 compete internationally. and they will have the opportunity of a lifetime to "re-engage" in the Olympic race to be in the Japanese capital. Brett Clothier, president of the AIU, assured that "the sanctions are established by periods, not by competitions", so that confirms that they may be in the "casting" to participate in the Tokyo tests.


"The WADA bans imply the sanctioned ones from participating in the Olympic cycles and not letting them compete in 2021 when their sanctions end this year would mean getting into legal complications," adds Clothier. "It is clear that we are in an exceptional situation and having moved some Games dated because there are a number of athletes who can benefit from it." The anomaly may come for athletes who are sanctioned from August or when the competitions are reprimanded (or simply anti-doping controls are carried out), since the athletes could miss two Olympic Games in a row (Tokyo 2021 and Paris 2024) when imposing WADA four-year sanctions.

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