News : Timo Werner: Weakness in form and Müller’s return threaten his place in the DFB team

News : Timo Werner: Weakness in form and Müller’s return threaten his place in the DFB team

With Löw outside: The weak Timo Werner: “It’s frustrating to watch him”

Timo Werner is currently only second choice at Joachim Löw. The national coach gives him a clear understanding of this with his measures. The once seeded striker is out of shape – and Thomas Müller will probably be another competitor coming back into the team for the European Championship.

The warm-up for the European Championship has begun, as Joachim Löw underlined on the international trip. At the same time, the time of knowledge begins. Which actors are firmly anchored in the mind games of the national coach and which ones might fall through the grid?

Already now, almost 70 days before the start of the European Championship, the first steep theses can be derived. The most surprising one is probably about Timo Werner. The poor form Chelsea striker has no regular place in the DFB-Elf and has to fight for his position.

Better a false 9 than Werner

Because at the moment Löw prefers to adapt the game system than to bring Werner from the beginning. In the two World Cup qualifiers against Iceland (3-0) and Romania (1-0) he bet on a wrong nine. The “real” striker Werner acidified on the bench until shortly before the end of the game. Kai Havertz slipped into the team for him.

That Havertz, who also remains well below his possibilities at Chelsea. Nevertheless, Löw apparently trusts him to make a change. His decision proves: Werner has to stretch, otherwise he will become an EM bench press or, in the worst case, even a prank candidate.

After all, Löw had only recently tellingly in the “Kicker” explains: “It may well be that one or the other who is convinced that they will participate in the European Championship will not be there after all.” A message that may also be aimed at Werner.

Banger look at Thomas Müller

Especially since the national coach suddenly has one more option available again thanks to his role backwards at Thomas Müller. One that is shining at the moment. Werner, however, is far from that.

Although it is unusual for Löw to play his mind games so rigorously in public, he shows one thing bluntly: On his farewell tour, individual fates are no longer taken into account. Everything is subordinated to success. In this context, Müller is currently the more promising choice. Should he be nominated, the air would become even thinner for Werner.

Sobering numbers

The 25-year-old was still considered set in the summer. But since his move to England, the striker has missed his scoring threat. With every missed opportunity, doubts about his person increase at the moment, while the understanding of his initial difficulties fades more and more.

TV expert Rio Ferdinand recently said in an interview with “BT Sport”: “It’s frustrating to watch him.” In doing so, he emphasized the immense skills of the German, but added that they have been waiting in vain in London for the sighting of those.

Ferdinand does not have this opinion exclusively. The figures confirm his claim. In his 28 Premier League games so far, Werner has five goals and eight assists. In the calendar year 2021, he even managed only one goal, although he was on the field 14 times. For a 53 million man, the numbers are sobering. Werner knows that too.

Tuchel: “I am very patient”

When asked about ex-Chelsea coach Frank Lampard’s death, he replied to Sky Sports: “When you come here to play as a striker and be the man who scores the goals, I obviously feel a little guilty about that I’ve missed so many chances. “

The striker’s self-confidence seems to have been cracked. It is precisely this self-confidence in football that decides whether to score or miss a shot. Werner is desperately looking for this inner conviction, which is often dubbed the killer instinct. His new coach in London, Thomas Tuchel, tries to give him the best possible support. “I’m very patient (…). I believe in his potential, his character and his scoring quality,” said Tuchel.

In the end, however, all players know that only goals count in football. And Timo Werner is clearly not achieving enough of these at the moment. You don’t have to be an expert to know that.

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