News : 'Tips' and confinement routines with the instagram @misslegginsrun

News :

'Tips' and confinement routines with the instagram @misslegginsrun

@misslegginsrun tells us how his confinement is being

Hard times. Our way of life, our routine, our sports habits, everything has been parked and we have seen almost without eating or drinking it in a completely unexpected situation and facing a confinement at home that until a couple of weeks ago would have sounded like science fiction.

At the Stock Market of the Broker we have had a relaxed chat with the ‘runner’ and ‘instagramer’ @misslegginsrun. Behind this project that has tens of thousands of followers on the networks is Gema Payás, which has become a reference for fashion and running lovers. The ‘running’ has accompanied her from a very young age and now she shares exercises and routines with her ‘followers’ and impressions and all kinds of content also on her blog.

In times of looking for originality and motivation to do sports at home @misslegginsrun gives us some very interesting ‘tips’He tells us how the project was born, how he interacts with his thousands of followers, how to keep his head busy and positive and many more things. Do not miss the interview.

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