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remove fat hips

Fats, as we know, are lipids with a high calorie load. Excess of them can alter our figure, in addition to carry cardiovascular problems, hypertension, possibility of contracting diabetes and other disorders that have been widely studied.

Excess fat is usually located in specific areas of the body. It is the women who most see their hips altered, in addition to the stomach, thighs or buttocks. Subcutaneous fat can also be seen on the face, legs, arms, and even hands and neck, both in women and men.

In addition to implementing healthy lifestyle habits to prevent excess fat or prevent it from going over, you can follow useful tips to combat hip fat.

Foods that help reduce fat

Eating a healthy diet is the only way to prevent the accumulation of fat, or fight it when there is excess of it, in addition to exercise. There's no more, no miraculous advice, no quick techniques or anything like that. You should not be in a hurry to eliminate that fat, but to change habits. If you do, the results will come sooner or later, you'll see. And you will feel good.

The nutritionist Carlos Aznar Gallego, through the specialized blog DKV Salud, remembers that there is large food groups for a healthy diet to fight fat, anywhere on the body.

  • Fruits and vegetables. Despite the low caloric intake that has, are the foods that more vitamins and minerals concentrate, so do not be afraid to spend with quantities.
  • Fish, eggs and meats. You can not give up fat completely, and these foods provide a certain amount of them and are considered healthy. They also have amino acids, useful to protect tissues and for the proper functioning of the metabolism.
  • Nuts and legumes. They provide a lot of energy and nutrients that are considered essential. Its slow absorption, as Aznar Gallego recalls, benefits hormonal control.
  • Rice. The best is white rice that, when cooked, is loose. It is a staple in a diet to reduce fat.

These foods provoke satiety, provide nutrients and are low in calories. Fruits and vegetables can be eaten in quantity, so there's no reason to be hungry. They should be combined with other foods, such as skim milk products, which also help the feeling of fullness.

The nutritionist proposes a weekly menu that can serve as a reference to anyone who wants to lose fat, although if there is any pathology or abnormality it is better to consult a doctor. The basic scheme combines food: carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables, fish, meat and healthy fats in five meals: breakfast, mid-morning, lunch, snack and dinner. By way of illustration:

  • Breakfast examples: whole toast with tomato, oil and kiwi; whole-grain toast with tomato and yogurt with apple; Toast with tomato, ham and a piece of fruit.
  • Examples of mid-morning: the best thing is to opt for the fruit always, and even better if it is seasonal.
  • Examples of food: salad with some green leafy vegetables (like canons), nuts, some cheese and a vinaigrette in which oil is not abused, in addition to fish or meat. As for the first ones, other options are gazpacho, grilled vegetables with goat cheese ...
  • Snack examples: yogurt skimmed with black chocolate or fruit, or some fruit baked with spices (apple with cinnamon, for example).
  • Dinner examples: again, vegetables, meat / fish and a fruit. For example, stew with baked salmon, soup with sea bream on turkey fillets ...

Exercises to remove fat from the hip

The journalist and Integral Communication technician, Susana Yábar, offers some fitness ideas to focus on the area. It is one of the most popular lifestyle youtubers in the country, with more than two million followers in its channel.

In his routine, he proposes four different exercises, which you must do for 30 seconds with each leg, and in three series.

  1. Lie on your back with your legs stretched out and do circles with the legIt does not matter which one you start with. The circle must be wide, and you have to keep your toes up.
  2. Get on your knees, with your legs forming a 90º angle and your hands resting on the floor, with your arms fully straight and open at shoulder height. You must do lateral elevations, so that the line of the thigh is parallel to the ground, then go back down.
  3. The third exercise starts from the same position and, in fact, we can consider it a derivation of the previous one. You must also raise the leg, but do it in three times, and then go down in one.
  4. Another derivation of the leg lift is keep this up for 30 seconds that lasts the exercise, doing very short ups and downs and without the leg stops being elevated.

Work both legs in the corresponding series, and accompany these localized exercises with some cardio. As for the latter, the best thing for hip fat is jumping rope, doing squats, riding a bike or dancing.

Helpful tips

Offers useful advice Alejandro Marcet, from Barcelona who has a degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences and today is a personal trainer but, above all, passionate about sports.

  • Do not trust the miracle products. To begin with, there is something you should keep in mind: there is no product that eliminates fat in a localized way. The only possible process is the combustion of fats, in which the body uses these as a source of energy. In short, there are no miracles, only effort and perseverance.
  • Remove old erroneous beliefs. Constant exercise does not transform fat into muscle. What physical activity does to reduce fat is to increase muscle fiber as an adaptation, but not to transform muscle fiber. The "only" thing you have to do is focus on good eating habits and do an adequate exercise. Everything else deconcentrates you.
  • Regularity is key. Marcet advises that, at least, you do your exercise sessions three times a week.
  • The circuit is a good method. The exercise must be continuous, and alternating activities with small intervals of rest. So, circuits are a good option.
  • Works large muscles. We talk about pectorals, dorsal, quadriceps, hamstrings and abdominal are those that will increase the basal metabolism. The intensity must be high, that is, charged enough to notice that it costs, but without overdoing it.

In a complementary way to good nutrition and exercise, you can try localized fat reduction treatments, like ultrasonic cavitation. It is an alternative to surgical liposuction since fat does not disappear by magic: it depends largely on the will.

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