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Tips for choosing a good gym

how to choose a good gym

If you are thinking of signing up for Gym, the first thing you must decide is the sports center where you are going to formalize your registration.

Most cities tend to have a fairly wide range of gyms and it is that the world of fitness and the "healthy" community do not stop growing year after year.

If you have done the first survey and you already have several firm proposals, now is the time to decide. What gym do I choose? Where do I sign up? These and other questions are likely already running through your head. To resolve these doubts from newcomers and to clarify a bit the entire gym registration process, I have created this guide. A small manual of aspects to value when choosing a good gym.

What aspects of a gym must be valued?

-Schedule: We all work and the working hours in this country are not exactly the best in the state. In addition, family and chores that always appear unexpectedly make it extremely difficult to follow the training routine. In this situation you must find the gym that best suits your needs. If you also train on weekends, look for a gym that opens its doors on Saturday and Sunday. If your thing is to get up early to start the day with a good spinning session, forget about the centers that open after 8.

-Price: When it comes to scratching our pockets, we all pay a little more attention. Nobody likes to give away money and gyms are specialists in collecting fees from "ghost" customers.

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Price is important, but it is not the only factor to consider

Evidently the price it is an important factor to assess. You must take into account the monthly fee but also the initial registration. Find a gym that is reasonably priced. The most expensive does not have to be the best and the cheapest usually do not have the minimum facilities to do all the exercises. Special care also with gyms that offer super deals at specific times.

-Directed classes: If you are looking to have fun and meet new people, it is best to sign up for directed classes. Group sessions are something few people pay attention to. You must value both the quantity and the variety and quality of them. Spinning classes are offered in all gyms, but few sports centers do them with a real and professional knowledge of the subject.

-Facilities: It is very important that you look for a gym that has good facilities. There is nothing more annoying than having to wait or take turns using a machine. You must find variety, but also quantity. Some weight machines are used by almost no one, while others have a tail. As for cardio work, you should also locate a center that has enough bicycles, ellipticals and running belts. In fact, the following study by “we are testers” confirms that facilities are the main concern of users who go to gyms.

-Locker room: Some will think that the wardrobe is directly related to the facilities. They are certainly not wrong, but in my opinion the changing room and the showers must be given special consideration. After seven in the afternoon the gyms are full and this translates into a "Overbooking" in the changing rooms. Find a gym that has enough showers and in this way you will avoid having to wait for you with the towel in your hands. If you finish the training melted believe me that you will not be happy to catch cold full of sweat.

-Personalized attention and training: What training do the technicians have? Are they really trained to advise on all exercises? I recommend that you take a better look at those gyms that have a specific staff for each modality. It does not make much sense that the same person who controls the room is the bodypump monitor or teaches a specific class of indoor cycling. Keep in mind that times have changed and that once it was a simple weekend course that allowed you to be a "fitness trainer", now it is practically a 4-year university degree. Besides, the staff training It can be especially interesting in case of suffering an injury or going to the gym to do specific recovery work. You must make sure that you are practicing a sports activity that is not harmful to your body.

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-Ambient: Although the gym is considered an individual sports practice, many of us take advantage of the hours we spend in the sports center to socialize and create new friendships. Focus on finding something that suits your tastes and preferences. Some gyms are geared more towards bodybuilding or bodybuilding, while others are designed to fully enjoy directed classes. It is becoming more and more common to see how gyms create weekly training groups for outdoor activities. The gym can be a perfect starting point to start a new circle of friends and learn some healthy lifestyle habits that have been forgotten. It is also especially important to pay attention to the age “target” as well. The gym doesn't have to be something reserved for young people.

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