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Tips on what to eat the day before the marathon

Archive image of the Mitja Marató de sabadell / LBDC
Archive image of the Mitja Marató de sabadell / LBDC

They say that the specific preparation for the marathon does not start until 12 weeks before. Three months in which our head, our body and our heart are almost solely focused on that ambitious and complicated goal. Because obviously we are not satisfied with finishing, but we want to arrive in an optimal state of form to achieve our goal (whether to make a personal brand, lower ‘x’ time, gradually return to what we were, etc.).

Tips for the previous month, by Carles Castillejo

Advice can be found in quantity and two thousand voices that claim to be ‘authorized’. In an interview he gave us in La Radio del Corredor, Carles Castillejo, Olympic and one of the references of our fund in the last decade, he left several 'warnings' and some advice for certain 'fashions' or 'legends' that circulate on what to do or not to do the weeks before the big day. For example, he commented: “People abuse a lot of even rushing to 15 days and making long runs (almost 2h or more). For me, as a coach (everyone will have their formulas), with the experience we have been running with the popular runners for a few years, we always make the long run in the absence of about 21 days. If we make it more fair, the popular athlete does not have the body accustomed to recovery as the most professional athlete does ”.

In addition, Carles ensures that "You have to make a decrease in intensity and volume in those last weeks". We take note. There is another aspect as important as respect for the intensity and pace of training that is nutrition. Hundreds of urban legends also circulate, some more certain than others, about what to eat the days before the marathon. We will focus on what to eat the day before. Yes, when we are attacked, nervous and want to do everything in a few hours.

Eat a lot of calories

As the comrades of ‘Canadian Running’ say, the day before the marathon you have to try to leave fears and ‘tachycardias’ aside. We must remember that during the effort we will burn around 2,500 calories (depending on the weight and height of each one, as well as other factors), so that "typical charge of conscience" can already disappear at a stroke if we get a good binge.

There have been cases of people who, for example, have skipped dinner the day before the race because maybe they had eaten a lot or late and did not feel hungry and the next day they noticed that lack of nutrients and energy. Nor is it necessary to worry about the correct proportions of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. That it is something that we must have controlled for a much longer period and the previous day it makes no sense to blow the ‘alarms’. Above all, eat a lot of calories, but nothing too sugary.

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