News : Tomb the Bezabeh Record of Spain of 5,000

News : Tomb the Bezabeh Record of Spain of 5,000

Katir has made history at the Golden Gala / FACEBOOK

Barbarian. Spectacular. Tremendous. The 5,000 of the Golden Gala in Florence will go down in the annals of history. Not only because Jakob Ingebrigtsen has beaten the African army and achieved the European Record by stopping the clock at a stratospheric 12.48.45, but because Mohamed Katir has broken the Spanish Record for distance. A national record that Alemayehu Bezabeh held until now with 12.57.25 and that 11 years later the Murcian athlete has crushed crossing the finish line at 12.50.79.

Cheptegei deflates

The race has been impressive. Joshua Cheptegei, world record holder of 5,000 and 10,000, has led almost the entire event with Ingebrigtsen, Gebrhiwet and company stuck. In the second group, at a safe distance, the Spaniard marched, keeping an eye on the leaders. With approximately one and a half laps to go, the muleño has pressed and hunted down a leading group that was going at a tremendous pace. Cheptegei has ended up deflating and Jakob has taken the lead. Historical the moment in which Katir has advanced to the current world ‘recordman’. Mohamed has crossed the finish line in those 12.50.79, fourth, only behind the Norwegian, the Ethiopian Gebrhiwet and the Canadian Ahmed (12:50:12).

We are already facing a period athlete.

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