News : Toni Abadía and Chiki Pérez will debut in the distance at the Valencia Marathon

News :

Toni Abadía and Chiki Pérez will debut in the distance at the Valencia Marathon

Abadia and Chiki, for the marathon
Abadia and Chiki, for the marathon

The Trinidad Alfonso Valencia EDP 2019 Marathon will be the setting for the debut at 42,195 meters of two of the best Spanish long distance runners of today, Toni Abadía and Juan Antonio 'Chiki' Pérez, who have chosen Valencia, Ciudad del Running, as their ideal destination to premiere the legendary distance and, even, the circuit in which to try to achieve the Olympic minimum for Tokyo.

The 10k 'recordman' will make his first foray with high hopes

Both riders know well what it is to run through the streets of Valencia. Toni Abadía (07/02/1990) chose the Valencia 2018 Half Marathon to officially debut at 21,097.5 meters and did so by achieving the fourth best Spanish record of all time with a time of 1h01: 15.

With this time, Abadía became Laredo in 2018 in the first of the only three Spanish athletes in history that has managed to lose 28 minutes in the 10 kilometers. The athlete has also been 5,000 meters champion of Spain, 10,000 meters, and participated in the Olympic Games of Rio de Janeiro 2016 in the twelve and a half laps to the ring.

'Chiki', a Valencian of adoption with the shirt of Cárnicas Serrano

'Chiki' Pérez, athlete of the CA Cárnicas Serrano, also signed a sensational chrono in the last edition of the Valencia Alfonso Alfonso Half Marathon, with a mark of 1h02: 18, with which he was second Spanish in the fastest half marathon.

In addition, the manchego athlete crossed the finish line of 10K Valencia Ibercaja last January at 27:59, becoming one of those three sub 28 riders, along with Toni Abadía himself, and Juan Carlos de la Ossa. He was champion of Spain in that distance in 2017 and also in 10,000 meters on the track, before also racing as an international IAAF / Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Marathon World Championship 2018 that was played in the city of running, so he knows well the virtues of the streets and circuits of the Valencian races.

Now, both will seek their best possible debut in the distance marathon in Valencia, the city where they have already demonstrated that they can run very fast and where the elite national coach, José Antonio Redolat, wants to show it to everyone, this time on 42.195 kilometers: "I think the irruption in Marathon of Abadía and Chiki is going to mark the future of the marathon in Spain. They will not be alone, because we are going to build a group with hares that will lead them to the best possible brand, and because not too far from them, next December 1st, there will be other great Spanish runners ".

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