News : Toni Abadía is going for the marathon premiere with Valencia on the horizon

News :

Toni Abadía is going for the marathon premiere with Valencia on the horizon

Abadía, ready to debut in the marathon / sportmedia

He has announced it clearly and concisely on his social networks and his coach Pepe Mareca has also 'told us'. It was almost an open secret, but it seems that Toni Abadía will prepare for its marathon premiere again after inopportune inconveniences prevented him from making his debut at the distance in the last Valencia Marathon.

The Aragonese, who has been training precisely in the city of Turia since he allowed himself to go training with the de-escalation, has written 'MARATHON' on his Instagram account in a message accompanied by the 'soon' icon (soon) and a nice photo symbolic. Well, we were really looking forward to seeing the man from Zaragoza burn the Valencia asphalt (if we could see him on average a month earlier), so it seems that there will be a second ’round’.

Valencia, the ideal setting

And, at the expense of the evolution of the coronavirus pandemic and its effects on tests next fall, it seems that Valencia would be the most suitable place. “If I see it mentally, what happens is that when it comes to training, you have to be clear that the marathon is not 10,000 and you have to put the brakes on a bit. The training sessions are very different, so a specific training session does not tell you what you can do later in the marathon, ”says his coach, Pepe Mareca.

"They are long workouts and sometimes the athlete himself has to go a bit with the brake to avoid those overloads, which is what happened to Toni. I look forward to it and Toni is a runner used to doing many kilometers. Valencia could possibly be the ideal setting. Valencia seems that if everything accompanies it can be disputed and it is a good place to debut, without a doubt, ”says Pepe.

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