News : Toni Abadía: when life gets ugly

News : Toni Abadía: when life gets ugly

Since the Valencia marathon, he has not raised his head and it seems that the Tokyo Olympics are slipping out of his hands. Six months later, he wakes up at night: his stomach, his anxiety … Now the important thing is to find a diagnosis.

– Nothing, complicated.

José Luis Mareca, who is already retired, answers me like this when I ask him for the possibilities of Toni Abadía going to the Tokyo Olympics this summer.

– He had been training quite well for several weeks but had a relapse last week so he’s stopped again.

– He hasn’t run for eight days. He just walks and does some biking, nothing more, he can’t do more -adds Mareca.

These are hard times when it is not a temptation write of Toni Abadía.

Since he withdrew from the Valencia marathon last December, he has not raised his head.

And it came like a shot after training at altitude, in Bronchales: we were all so excited (the first one).

Today, Abadía does not work for success but for something more important than success: get healthy.

Our job is also to remember people who, for whatever reason, are having a worse time: you have to put yourself in their shoes.

Tomorrow it can be us.

And not everything is success as we have learned in this year of a pandemic.

And forgetting it would be a mistake

And Toni Abadía, in her own way, is an irrevocable example. Last year he was launched at the Tokyo Olympics and it did not seem that anything could stop him and today, however, away from the number and training, which is what makes athletes happy … patience, there is no other choice.

– Talk to him – Mareca tells me.

– I do not answer-. I don’t want to make it happen a hard time counting sentences. My way of talking to him is to write to him from the unexpected and see this as a message of encouragement.

– The fact is that all the tests have gone well – insists the trainer -. Perhaps it is the acidity that your stomach produces and we are waiting for the results to see if it could be a bacteria.

It was his stomach that caused the withdrawal of Toni Abadía in the Valencia marathon.

It’s your stomach that’s giving you a hard time almost six months later.

“She is very anxious,” Mareca adds, “because this situation is generating a lot of anxiety. Wakes up at night with a feeling of hunger and when you run you feel burning and heaviness, there is no way.

It’s life that does these things without anyone’s permission.

How inopportune life sometimes.

Toni Abadía will be 31 years old in July and the best birthday present (if he really doesn’t arrive on time) would have been the Olympic Games.

But today there is no value in getting bad blood with what could be and maybe not anymore.

Cheer up, Toni.

Courage in your name to all the athletes who see the Olympics slip away and who do not deserve it.

Today we feel represented by all of them.

So cheer up, which is the wisest word right now, and let’s never forget the farewell message from José Luis Mareca, the coach, the man who by vocation and experience learned to be tough and mature.

And that is for life.

“Now the only thing that matters to us is health so that, at least, it doesn’t continue with that discomfort,” he says.

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