News : Toni Abadía's training week before the duel in Valencia

News :

Toni Abadía's training week before the duel in Valencia

Toni Abadía celebrates with Carlos Mayo at the Nacional de Cros / EFE

We are looking forward to seeing the first competition of this 'post-confinement' era. Despite the fact that it is not an official thing, without simply a face to face, the suit is such that the truth has raised quite a bit of hope for this ‘Challenge 2,000’ in Valencia. Three of our best long distance runners, Chiki Pérez, Toni Abadía and Carlos Mayo, will meet face to face at the Turia Stadium in Valencia this Friday (21:00). The three are pupils of Pepe Mareca, with whom we chatted recently in the Stock Exchange of the Corridor and who does not usually get wet when the faces of his boys are seen. The Mareca Boys have been training for weeks and, despite the initial idea being that each one ran from their city of residence (Ciudad Real, Valencia and Zaragoza), the conditions have allowed them to move and live this confrontation live.

The planning of Toni Abadía

One of the great news of the challenge promoted by the Cárnicas Serrano club is that Joaquín Carmona, one of the greatest experts in athletics in Spain and who has been in the news for the last week, will be the commentator on the streaming broadcast. Within this preparation for the competition in the Valencian stadium we stop at Toni Abadía, who for some time has been sharing all his workouts on the Strava social network, something that we think is great and that ‘humanizes’ it without a doubt in the face of popular racers.

One week of descent except Tuesday

Taking as a reference the activity that went up on June 19, just seven days ago, we see that it made a filming of 18 kilometers at 3:46 / km. Let's not forget that the Aragonese has his sights set on the marathon, which will probably run in Valencia in December if conditions allow. Already on June 20 (and in full visit to Chiki Pérez in Ciudad Real) he made a 2 × 3000 at 2:55 / km and 2:54 / km with four kilometers of slopes in between. On the 21st he played a 28-kilometer long run with Chiki Pérez at 3:42 / km. A good ‘tute’, no doubt.

On June 22 it was the turn of a smoother shoot at 3:56 / km (smooth for the runner on foot, so you understand me). It was 16 kilometers. On the 23rd Tuesday morning, he rolls 10 kilometers at 4:03 / km to stretch his legs and then he does a quality training (the only one of the week) with Chiki Pérez and Carlos Mayo (With whom he incidentally ate a paella before the competition this Wednesday). The session was a 10 × 200 + 500-400-300-100 + 500. On Wednesday 24 very smooth shooting of 16 kilometers at 4: 13 / km and the day before the race, Thursday, 12.50 kilometers at 4: 03 / km. "This week the idea was to decrease volume so that I could be less tired on race day. I only did a quality training on Tuesday ”, Toni tells us.

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